So where are Big Love and Skins?

bloveIt’s not just commercial networks that keep us waiting for our favourite goodies.

SBS viewers have been waiting patiently for the third seasons of Big Love and Skins for some time.

Both are fantastic dramas, from the US and UK, respectively.

But you’ll have to be patient for some time just yet.

Skins is expected in to return following the Ashes series, in early September. A date is still to be confirmed. This is the series with a new cast of principals.

Big Love fans have to wait even longer. Alas, it isn’t due until summer. This series aired fom January – March in the US.


  1. I too am sick of waiting for TV shows to appear on time – like Big love and the recently returned Las Vegas. I now watch most of my shows elsewhere. Aus TV stations are a joke.

  2. Big Love season 3 will be almost a year old when SBS finally gets around to showing it. I do think that is worth complaining about. I also wonder about their definition of Summer, considering they promised Mad Men for last Summer and it did not start until April. Little Mosque on the Prairie was also promised for Summer and still hasn’t appeared. Where are the final seasons of Corner Gas as well? Or does SBS want to just repeat the same episodes over and over again.

    Stop being apologists for SBS. They are not doing their viewers or their advertisers any favours by hoarding content.

  3. Some of the comments here astound me!

    Of all the things some people can complain about, it’s SBS taking their time to put the rest of Skins & Big Love to air. You people must live pretty fortunate lives if this is the best you can do. ‘Daddy, why is SBS mean to me?’

    Considering Big Love is an HBO show, as Cpadilo wrote, it could’ve gone to Nine because they have first rights on AOL-Time Warner content. At least SBS gives these shows consistent timeslots & uploads every full episode on their website.

    Get some perspective please…

  4. I don’t want to see these shows on SBS at all.
    Since they started putting ads within programs I hardly watch anything on SBS.
    And they shouldn’t get any government money at all any more.

  5. in my opinion Skins 3 is neither “a bit s**t” nor probably “the best season yet”. It doesn’t suffer from the story and character continuity problems of the first 2 series (too many young writers and not enough editors, apparently) but neither does it have anywhere near as many flashes of originality and brilliance. Just the same, a worthy season of one the best and most innovative series of recent times, at least in my book.

    The trouble with waiting so long to broadcast series – teenage-targeted ones in particular – is that these days a huge number of people will watch the stuff on the internet in the meantime and there’s a significant loss of audience. Check the comments here and you’ll see my point!

  6. Thanks David for giving an answer to this question. At least Big Love viewers know where we stand. Can’t believe I gave SBS the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Big Love fans are sick of waiting for SBS to get off their butts. Why can’t Foxtel show series 3. It has been ages since season 2 finished. This is ridiculous!!

  8. Gosh. Be patient. The networks cant show every program in tune with overseas series. Sometimes you have to wait a while. Just be thankful that they are’nt on Nine.

  9. imagine | seriously

    SBS deinitelly deserves more morney… they have great movies and some of the best shows including Skins and Eurovision. Can’t wait for skins 3 – i heard its the best season yet!

  10. Skins 3 is just a bit s**t. So I think it’s for the better.

    Far more shallow characters and incredibly far-fetched storylines – it just seems like the polar opposite to the first two series which had some really interesting characters that you could empathise with.

  11. SBS needs more money!
    The Government won’t help!
    In an effort to sell valuable prime-time advertising space, their recent overseas purchases (Mad Men, Entourage, South Park, The Ashes. Skins) weigh heavily on the cheque book and they now can’t afford any local commissions or exciting new foreign language digital radio channels! At current trends there will be no Lithuanian news service! Nothing at all for the Lithuanians!

    Won’t you donate to SBS and help save multicultural broadcasting in this proudly diverse nation of ours?

  12. Yes, and these networks here in Australia are trying to restrict IPTV. Will these dinosaurs ever learn? They are mostly extint with their namesakes in our house. We have just finished wathcing season 3 of Big Love.

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