Southern Cross adds ONE HD from July 2

TEN's 24 hour sports channel moves into regional Queensland, NSW, ACT and Victoria from July 2nd. And TV Tonight confirms Tasmania will join them.

oneid1Regional viewers of Southern Cross 10 will finally see ONE HD in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria from 7pm July 2nd, it was announced today.

The addition of the channel follows months of complaints that that regional viewers could not access the 24 hour sports channel at the same time as metropolitan viewers, who have been accessing it since March.

Macquarie Southern Cross Media (MSCM) says it will launch ONE HD on Channel 50 to viewers who receive its HD service in three states, subject to digital coverage. Viewers will require a HD set top box or television to receive ONE HD.

TV Tonight can also confirm that Tasmanian viewers will also receive the channel from July 2nd.

Macquarie Southern Cross Media’s Chief Executive Officer, Rhys Holleran, said “We are thrilled to be able to bring ONE HD to our regional viewers who currently receive our HD service in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT.

“The launch of this channel follows the significant investment program which was required to enable the broadcasting of HD television across 25 markets we have in these regions in Eastern Australia ranging from Far North Queensland down to Southern Victoria.”

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy said: “Digital television means better pictures, improved sound quality and new content. I welcome the continued
rollout of additional digital television services and congratulate Macquarie Southern Cross Media for the further expansion of ONE HD.”

TV Tonight has previously made available maps of the four key regional markets, which will all receive ONE HD: in Queensland (Aggregate market A), Northern NSW (Aggregate market B), Southern NSW (Aggregate market C) and Victoria (Aggregate market D).

An official statement is expected on the Tasmanian market imminently following a board meeting today.

Greg Dodgson, Chief Operating Officer for Macquarie Southern Cross Media, told TV Tonight: “A Press Release will be coming out on Tasmania as soon as possible.

“It will come in at the same time:  2nd of July at 7:00,” he confirmed.

Darwin, Central Australia and regional South Australia, which are digital areas, will still miss out on receiving ONE HD.

“There’s no requirement for high definition broadcast in Central Australia and South Australia. Our Darwin component, because it’s a joint venture company with the Nine Network, hasn’t come to any landing yet on providing it into that area. We’re still working with our joint venture company, the Nine Network,” Dodgson said.

SC 10 indicates sport highlights will include:

AFL – the 2009 NAB Cup, home and away season, and finals including the Grand Final returning to the network in 2009
Netball – ANZ Championship Competition and all Test matches featuring the Australian Netball Diamonds,
exclusively for the next five years
Commonwealth Games – 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
Formula 1 – every round of the F1 World Championship scope
Moto GP – extensive coverage of every round of the World Championship
NASCAR – live coverage of the Daytona 500 and other major Sprint Cup races, live coverage of the Nationwide Series, as well as Sprint Cup qualifying
Australian Rally Championship – exclusive coverage of every round
National Football League (NFL) – three games per week live, including the flagship Sunday and Monday night games, as well as live coverage of play-offs and the Super Bowl
Major League Baseball (MLB) – five games per week live, including prime time coverage of play-offs and
World Series National Basketball Association (NBA) – three games per week live
Golf – US Masters, US Open, World Golf Championships including the Accenture MatchPlay Championship, the CA Championship, the Bridgestone Invitational and the World Cup, Australian PGA, Ladies Masters, 2010 Ryder Cup, and 15 additional international and domestic events including the Johnnie Walker Classic, and the Asian tour’s flagship event the Singapore Open and the tour’s season ending Volvo Masters of Asia.
U.S. College sports – American football and basketball
Tennis – ATP and WTA tennis, details to be confirmed, approximately 11 tournaments during 2009.
Swimming – HD ONE is the exclusive broadcaster for Swimming Australia. This includes coverage of the
Australian Swimming Championships, Pan Pacific Championships, Australian Short Course Championships, FINA World Short Course, Swimmer of the Year – a minimum 109 hours per year for the next eight years.

For additional information on ONE HD please refer to the Network TEN website: http://ten.com.au/one-hd.htm

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  1. today 12 noon july 6th,,episode of packed to the rafters,,is the same episode ,,that was on last week,,,why repeat ,,one night a week is enough let alone through the day

  2. Such a shame SC media/ten cant actually broadcast according to their published programing guide. If it wasn’t so frustrating it would be funny playing lucky dip and guess the program. I guess SC Media just doesn’t respect its regional viewers. It does after all spell Wodonga as Wadonga on its regional tv guide.

  3. Enjoyed your coverage of Swimming Championships except for one glaring oversight! On the last night you televised the mens 1500m freestyle but not the womens! Why not? Surely you could have run a few minutes overtime instead of crossing to the IPL cricket, where they prattled on for 15 minutes before the game started anyway! What do the womens distance swimmers have to do to get recognition? I’ll tell you what -they have to break Hayley Lewis’s 18yr old record by over 1 sec and finish 30sec+ ahead of the second placegetter-which is exactly what Qld’s Melissa Gorman did! Pity you couldn’t at least show her swim on the replay today (Mon) but maybe one day this wonderful distance swimmer will be given her due-after all she did win our first gold medal in the 5k open water swim at the World Championships in Spain last year!

  4. And while I’m at it, here is the blurb from the Ten/One website:

    “How Do I Watch One?
    ONE is available in High Definition on (digital) Channel 1 and Standard Definition on (digital) Channel 12. If you have a High Definition television all you need to do is flick to Channel 1. If you have a Standard Definition digital television simply turn to Channel 12.
    If you are not sure if your TV is Digital, test it out by flicking to Channel 12 on your TV. If your television is not digital, head down to your local consumer electronics retailer and purchase a digital set-top box – this will mean you can view Channel 12 in Standard Definition. Alternatively buy yourself an HD television and watch all your favourite sport in glorious High Definition!”

  5. Indeed their own press release reads, “The ONE SD channel will be separately badged and marketed, and used to promote the premium ONE HD service to SD viewers.”

    Ten/One have discussed One SD themselves. How can you be so self-assured and yet so ignorant?

  6. No need to be rude, David.

    “Steve, if people are going to keep asking the same question, already answered, I guess I will have to close comments.”

    You are simply incorrect. Channel 12 in areas such as Melbourne is One and it is broadcast in SD on that channel. It was always advertised in regional Victoria that One would be broadcast on SD.

  7. just a pity that in our area one spends more time off than on or out of synch. drops out at the slightest provocation or sound and pic don’t match

  8. In Reply to:David Knox says:
    July 3, 2009 at 12:34 pm
    The SD version was never promised, just ONE HD.
    Then why have we been recieving adds for months on ‘SD’ that clearly state if you have a ‘Set Top Box’ You can Recieve ‘One’, We have a Set top box (sd), and i guess will now be waiting years for ‘One’, yet why do you keep recieving advertising on SD, that clearly state if you have a set top box, to turn over to ‘One’, if you cannot get HD, why advertise on SD, which you wouldn’t watch if you have HD, Why rub it in for those who were under the impression they would be able to recieve One under the ‘False Information’ Advertised?

    1. I’m sure they never said you could access ONE SD. It doesn’t matter where the ad was (SD, newspaper, radio) the product was always ONE HD. But yes they should have clarified you need a HD set top box.

  9. Let’s face it. The previous Howard government made an absolute mess of TV in Australia. The whole system was designed to protect the status quo with little or no regard to the consumer.

  10. Russell, who do you think you are? 90% is not enough and we who live in the country should expect to receive a television service which was promised to us by our wonderful government? Rural dwellers of Australia do have a purpose in this country you know, think about it next time you go to the grocery store! As for us expecting to have your so called high end entertainment at our doorstep, wouldn’t that be great, but we are prepared to travel 700kms+ once in awhile to get a taste of some of it. We have every right to receive the same services as you city people.

  11. Once again we in the bush are forgotten. Southern Cross 10 should be made to provide One HD in all regional areas,after all we are part on the same country. This is why I have been advocating for years that a national tv license be implemented then everyone will have access to all channels.In Spencer Gulf Sa we would rather have channel nine than SC10, because of better programming.Guess the Federal Minister needs a few more emails about this.

  12. Any idea when Mildura Digital Television are looking at getting ONE HD? We’re basically the only region not to have it in Victoria, woe is me…woe is us. Well, it sucks.

  13. Steve, if people are going to keep asking the same question, already answered, I guess I will have to close comments.

    Julie check your area in the maps linked in the story. Any detailed tech questions should be directed to a tech blog or to Southern Cross. Thanks.

  14. Just got back from Melbourne to Ballarat expecting to be able to see One HD on Channel 12 in SD format as you can down there. Still no broadcast. What is going on? When will it be available? Isn’t it July 3rd now? The advert promised June 2nd was the tee off time.

  15. Does anyone know when Southern cross 10 will air One HD on SD!!! For the majority of viwers in regional areas that do not have HD, it is a disgrace that it was advertised we would get it on July 2, and yet again we do not have it !!!!!!! Is it really hard and/or expensive to achieve this?, or is Southern cross 10 just being lazy in letting down the viewers, Yet again!!!!!

  16. I see that today (2 July) ONE HD is available to Southern Cross users (Illawara users, anyway) but what about ONE SD ? Does Southern Cross plan to broadcast ONE SD ? As the owner of an SD set top box, I’ll be less than pleased if they don’t. My set top box found ONE HD on channel 50, but doesn’t display any picture or sound.

  17. “TV Tonight can also confirm that Tasmanian viewers will also receive the channel from July 2nd.”

    hmmm, no OneHD signal from Mt Barrow covering Launceston and the central north today. Any OneHD in Hobart?

  18. So I will just have to assume that Darwin is not getting it on the July 2. I have assumed that for sometime. I assume that it will come eventually but don’t know when since that Darwin is included in the HD rules in the same manner as Tasmania.

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