GO! adjusts for school holidays

ggNine recently expressed some frustration over classification limitations it’s tackling since the arrival of GO!

During school holidays, Free to Air networks are restricted in what they can show during the daytime for M rated programmes.

It’s an issue that all networks face, and have for some time.

During September it will impact on several shows intended for repeat.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe and Eleventh Hour won’t be replayed on Thursday Sept 10 and Gossip Girl and Moonlight won’t be repeated on Friday Sept 11. If anybody cares Neighbours at War is also out as a replay on Tuesday Sept 9.

They are largely replaced with Survivor, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette repeats. Seinfeld and Just Shoot Me also fills in at 12 / 12:30pm from Tuesday 9th.


  1. I don’t have GO On the Television at Home But here is an idea They Might have overlooked and that is how about some of those Old Peanuts Cartoons like what they used to show on the ABC at one time.
    It would be more useful to the kids to see how good things were Pre Simpsons,Family Guy and South Park.

  2. Yes Seinfeld and Charlie’s Angels (both Sony) look great in 16×9 they spent missions re*mastering them in HD for a new market I doubt Nine would want to show the original 4×3 on their new digital service, if you want them in 4×3 then go get TV1 or buy the DVDs.

  3. @ James, what you mean to say is that Mathew should send his opinion to Free TV Australia. They are the industry body charged with presenting the code to ACMA for registration.

    So yeas, everyone send an email to Free TV Australia.

    The address is: [email protected]

  4. PT Ryan, Seinfeld and Charlie’s Angels were completely remastered in High Definition from the original film negatives, which means some cropping top and bottom, but also often extra detail to the sides. It’s not “faux widescreen” – these are the definitive versions for HD. They did a great job, too, and intelligently frame every single shot.

    Pity you’re only seeing them in Go’s lo-bitrate SD blur-o-vision.

  5. While they’re at it, can they please do something about all those old 4×3 era shows that they’re airing in faux-widescreen? Seinfeld and Charlie’s Angels weren’t shot that way, and chopping the top and bottom off the frame for 16×9 looks awful.

  6. Mathew, perhaps you should send your opinion to ACMA. They’re currently asking for input.
    Personally seeing a person drill into anothers head (this weeks ep) isn’t something I think kids should be seeing daytime.

  7. Oh please this is rediculous there are much worst things for the little kiddies to see on the news and thats played a dozen times throughout the day there are defiently worse things to watch on the news then there is on an episode of fringe during the day.

  8. @ Rachael-During SH no-one can have M rated programming during the day.
    As GO! has a Network schedule they must accomodate SH for every state. Seven has local movies in different markets depending on State SH.

  9. Uhh David, I think you posted the wrong comment on the wrong article. I don’t know what Marcia Hines has to do with this article, lol.

    I’m confused, if Seven can show midday movies with an M rating, then why can’t GO! screen those encore eps during the day?

  10. The worst part of this is that it will go on for 4 or 5 weeks as different states have different school holidays at different dates, as GO has unified national programming. Unless they start to break from national programming, but I doubt that.

  11. This doesnt affect me as I tape the shows on the evening they air. But I do udnerstand the frusturations few people have that I have read here.

    They could have put some different stuff on in that time, maybe soem G rated movies or something? Jetsons? Flinestones? Some other shows.. of a G rated nature.

  12. blasted kids, i’ve been recording all of those shows except for neighbours at war, i’ll just have to work out which shows i won’t record on 7, 10 and ABC for those weeks so that i can get these on the first screening. kids of any age can see M rated stuff at the video shop and the cinema, the M rating is only a recommendation not a restriction so only MA and R are enforced at these places.

  13. This is annoying for people who may have been relying on those ‘encore’ showings if they can’t watch or record them the night before, so wil they just skip those eps or will the delayed one be delayed?

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