Nine cuts Australia’s Perfect Couple in half

apcNine has moved on its under-performing reality series Australia’s Perfect Couple, by cutting it from 60 minutes to just 30, effective immediately.

Last week the show managed just 672,000 viewers.

From this week the show will air at 8pm following (another) repeat of (another) Two and a Half Men.

Nine still has 3 more eps of Couple to go. Strategically Nine’s trimming the episode avoids the use of the word “axed.”

Couple has also sought to re-package the show with advertisements featuring laughing elderly couples reminiscing about married life, none of whom have appeared in the show so far.

Only recently Nine had to adjust its playout of homeMADE after it too failed to perform, eventually airing one ep at 7:30pm and another at 9:30pm.


  1. The show has been axed in Adelaide…with no warning or explanation. It wasn’t a great show but having watched it from the start , i would have liked to see the end. I couldn’t find anything on the Nine MSN website to say that it had been axed in Adelaide. V annoying.

  2. Did anyone mention that Nine Adelaide are dropping this show altogether, while the rest of the network will continue with it? Adelaide are getting Rapid Response instead…

  3. Anything but more Two and A Half Men!!!!!.

    I know these are really old shows but why not bring back Different Strokes or Cosby or My Two Dads or for something Australian All Together Now,The Bob Morrison Show or My Two Wives Yes I know all these finished ages ago but most of us wouldn’t notice or care.

    Even Married with Children would be an improvement

  4. Nine, put something else on! why not put Malcolm in the Middle back on. It was a smash hit! ( 2.5 million viewers on a monday 7.30pm slot)People wouldnt care if the show finished ages ago. All they care about is the quality of the show!

  5. Agreed They rely on Two and a Half Men more than any other show to fill the gaps over at Nine.
    Why Not a Revived Price is Right or An Airline/Airport Style Programme If anything.I would rather watch Food Safari on SBS at that time of day

  6. The reason why nothing of importance if ending up on GO! is the majority of viewers have no idea what it is… [Dance your Ass off, has of course found its perfect place of rest there]

    Those that do, probably have more taste than to watch excrement like Perfect Couple.

    Watching Nein’s panick-programming and failed shows (or lack of it) provides much more entertainment than any of their content.

  7. @ jay jay – the Monday night ep at 7.30 does so weel becuase it has been there for months at that time and built audience, like BBT after it. Also a lack of options at that time helps. When recently they put one at Tue 7.30, the week after Dance Your A was axed, the show did poorly – hence the reason 20-1 came back to 7.30 Tue. Now I’d expect the ep on Wed at 7.30 to do just as bad as all the guides still show Aus Perfect Couple at 7.30, especially considering the success of Wrolds strictest parents at the same time on 7.

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