Airdate: The Apprentice

mark_bourisIt’s the week that just keeps on getting bigger (are we there yet?).

Nine will launch The Apprentice Australia at 9:30pm Monday September 28th, following a new series of The Mentalist.

The search for The Australian Apprentice begins, with 12 candidates from all around the country competing for the life-changing opportunity to be named apprentice to one of Australia’s most successful businessmen, Mark Bouris.

The series is produced by FremantleMedia Australia.


  1. well i’m with you russel, if all these supposed mass crowds thought the concept was worth watching then why haven’t they watched all the previous chanses the show has been given.
    @missy, it is reated PG so no swearing. and if 9 were thinking it will rate through the roof and are throwing mega bucks at it. they why did they dump it in i 9:30 slot.

    I think the promotion has been terrible, the whole “warmheart”, “i’m a battla” , this is a chance of a lifetime” makes me want to vom. from the one US season that i watched the best thing about the show is the backstabbing and competitiveness. i hope 9 and freemantle know what they are doing dumping that aspect.

  2. This show looks awesome!! Apparentyl it was shot in Sydney and it a different style to the US one, no so much back stabbing but has some great characters. Friends of mine worked on the production and said that nine thinks it will rate through the roof – they are throwing mega bucks at it, and the show is better than anyone could ahve imagined, time will tell, maybe the 9.30 slot is cos of the swearing and cursing~ LOl

  3. wow, what’s with all the “wow, amazing show” “quality” “what a winner” “nine is on to something” posts?

    am i the only one that thinks this looks like rubbish and will be a huge HomeMade / Australia’s Perfect Couple style flop?

  4. so does it mean that Drop Dead Diva is gone on Nine for good?
    On the other hand, it’s showing on Go! so not entirely angry.
    Will give the the Apprentice a go. I hope Nine makes a celebrity edition if this local version flies.

  5. The Apprentice has been talked about in this country for years but I have a good feeling about this one. FremantleMedia is on top now and Bouris is a great choice.

    This will be a hit

  6. wow nine are so creativity, take a show who’s novelty wore of years ago, and replace donald trump with an australian billionaire who no one has ever heard of, it can be guarantied that this will rate poorly, just like it can be guarantied that night follows day.

  7. Is there any reason why the week Starting 27th September is such a huge week? I assume it is to lure viewers in the race to the Final ratings survey week! There will be 9 weeks to go which is oong enough for most 8 week series etc…
    What do other people think?
    I wonder how successful Fast Tracking will be if shows like the Mentalist are yanked off our screens mid season due to our Summer schedules….. we shall see?!

  8. I have heard nothing but good things about The Apprentice Oz – word on the street is that 9 are on to a winner and are already talking about future series.

  9. I just saw a promo for it on YouTube.
    It could not look any worse.
    Looks like a cheap local weekend lifestyle show.
    Terrible promo.
    This will be as big a flop as HomeMade

  10. In my opinion, David, I think this is bigger than week 1 – or post week 1! This is the biggest amount of new offerings I’ve ever seen. Its great the competition is most certainly heating up! A sign of things to come next year!

  11. Good Luck to channel Nine. I’m not interested in the format, but its about time Nine had another hit this year. I just have a feeling the format is too old now. The UK version didn’t do well for Seven.

    I think they need to change their logo to the word Nine in an attractive font in capitals, it will modernise the look of the network. This could work with their new graphics coming in next month.

  12. this show looks expensive (it is from fremantlemedia) and has been given a large promotion and it’s still a week and a half away. i was not expecting it to go to 9:30. i thought it would be a tentpole for 9.

    i think 9 wanted to put it in monday or wednesday 8:30 but then 9 saw the competition and has done a lot of shuffling from that week.

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