Bumped: Nurse Jackie, Little Britain. Gone: Supernatural

TEN clarifies it's plans for two US cable shows, after the Idol changes confused us all.

njSeems in the flurry to shift Australian Idol to 7:30pm from this week there was an error in TEN’s Press Release regarding Little Britain and Nurse Jackie.

Both shows will be held this week and will not air following Rove.

Instead they will return on Monday Sept 28 for their second episodes following Good News Week.

Sun Sept 20
5:30pm Sports Tonight
6:00pm The Simpsons
6:30pm Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation
7:30pm Australian Idol
9:30pm Rove Turns Ten
11:00pm Sunday Late Night Movie – The Shape Of Things

Mon Sept 28
8:30pm Good News Week
10:00pm Little Britain ep 2
10:35pm Nurse Jackie ep 2
11:10pm TEN’s Late News With Sports Tonight
11:55pm Medium rpt
12:45am The Late Show With David Letterman

As previously indicated, a fasttracked Supernatural, originally planned for Sept 28th is currently out of schedule

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  1. God. Supernatural is one of the most interlectually created shows, the cast and crew have worked so hard on it, and season 5 happens to be one of the most eagerly awaited shows so far, and then TEN doesn’t air it. Eric Kripke didn’t have to act on creating the show, but he did. You would think TEN would appreciate that and air the freaking show. GNW always pi**ed me off, because the network had the ability to cut off sections (they did that with Supernatural) but they didn’t, and its hardly a good show. In fact, its based on absolutely nothing. Supernatural has one helluva good plotline, and because there are no advertisements for it, there is hardly any viewers, so they boot it. If they had the decency to actually advertise it more often like you do with the shittest show on tv (Glee, anyone?) people might actually take notice and watch it. I’m surprised TEN kept all four seasons on the air, regardless of what time its put on.

  2. Loved ep 1 of Nurse Jackie the first Sunday, it then disappeared for 2 weeks to reappear on Mon/day night… weeeell, ok then if you must. Set to record on Foxtel IQ and watch the next day and what do I find? News. News, more news.

    10.35 start according to the Foxtel listings guide this week (and next) but according to other websites listings it’s 10 o’clock, not 10.35… so I missed it!

    I’m used to Channel 10, 7 and 9 (and now ABC bizarrely) running 5-15 mins later than advertised, which I’ve taken as an attempt to suck us in to watching “live” and therefore endure the ads, meaning I end up recording whatever program is due to follow too… but bringing it forward, wtf?

    So yes, I have to revert to other means to catch up. And I look at getting the DVD set as I really can’t be bothered playing “find the program” week after week.

    That means I still don’t get to see your advertisers, Channel 10. And you lose a viewer. Beautiful. Idiots.

  3. I hate Ten. They get the good shows, and then continually shaft them around. Burn Notice got done like a dinner, and I’m amazed ten haven’t shafted it off its currrent run, but rest assured, they will. Then they shaft Dexter off, but crumbs from the table, at least it’s back late Saturday night. And then they let our hearts leap at the prospect of Supernatural coming back this week, and then blam, nothing.

    for a while, they were re-screening Angel late on Saturday nights, and then abruptly stopped, so they could show Danoz. Apes.

  4. Ok…. I give up. I was willing to hold out a week or 2 and build the excitement for me re season 5. But Ive already accidentally heard some of what has happened in the new season of Supernatural….. So Im seeing elsewhere ( again) before the entire season gets ruined for me!

  5. well just goes to show how well channel 10’s marketing was. channel 10 is about the only free to air channel i still watch and i while i was made damn well aware of when glee would be screening i had no idea about intentions for a fast tracked episode of supernatural. i’m a late convert, got season 1 on dvd a few months ago and have watched all 4 seasons on dvd, my preferred way – especially since channel 10 has been so good to me in the past with their rescheduling. but still – i would have watched SN on the telly tonight.

  6. WFT!!!!! .. Supernatural is one of the best shows on TV. What is wrong with channel 10? Wake up for gods sake!

    So when is it going to be shown? There is so much Sh*t on australian tv and the only decent shows get shafted! (dexter, supernatural). Well at least califonication is back.

  7. I’d like to say I’m suprised but no-this is just further evidence proving that Channel 10 is actually run by short-sighted, indecisive and Reality-TV-loving p**cks with their heads so far up their butts that they can see their own colons. Bravo Channel 10- people will now download because they have no way of knowing when/if Supernatural will come back. And considering how awful you have treated it by yanking it around, changing the timeslot and everything its no wonder that people who went to the All Hell Breaks Loose Con felt the need to point out your less than appreciative attitude to the boys when they visited. Especially considering it wasn’t even airing here during the Con.

    In short – Cram it with walnuts, a**hats. If you weren’t sure that it was definitly going to be fasttracked- You shouldn’t have said anything.

  8. Channel 10 so over it!
    You have devoted Supernatural fans who will bring in the ratings, and you can’t even bring us one episode a week? 3 different types of Law and Orders and all that crap…and even when you put it on we deal with all the Good News Week delays and their crap…so through us a line Channel 10…smarten up, do what the public wants and you will have happy viewers…not viewers stewing that there is nothing to watch!!

  9. Um what? They replace the only good and original show on television with more hospital crap and a spin off? Well done ten, you’ll be losing plenty of viewers and fans of the show, and of your channel seeing as you can’t even give us an hour a week for Supernatural. Do you even have programmers that keep track of the time of shows?

  10. TEN have consistently been terrible to Supernatural fans throughout its run: yanking the show for weeks without a word, switching its timeslot around, constantly putting it after shows that run late. Kind of seems like they never wanted to give it a chance to establish a viewer base (and therefore ratings), although what purpose that serves is beyond me.

    I’ve been holding back on watching Supernatural via internet because I figured it would be on TV shortly, and I like seeing it on the big screen. But this is the final straw. I’ve forgiven TEN for a lot, but I think it is time to stop. Congratulations, TEN, for driving masses of fans to internet piracy.

  11. oh wow. nice work channel ten… so your ruining another perfectly awesome series of supernatural.

    i don’t get it? why? Do you people find it funny to keep us hanging, waiting for supernatural to air just because you know that the fans are dediated to the show?
    all i can say is good luck, because im sure a lot of us are sick of this, not only supernatural fans but fans of a lot of other shows too. It is simply unfair and frustrating.

  12. Just more evidence that Ch 10 is run by a lot of short sighted idiots who have no idea what people what to watch. They are supposed to be in the entertainment business and yet they consistently fail to bring anything that even resembles entertainment.

    Supernatural is an amazing success story considering how little it’s own network – and others like ten who have picked it up – promotes it. Ch 10 had the perfect opportunity in April when not one but all three of the show’s regulars came to Sydney for a convention, to create some hype and build on it and fast track the new season. But as usual, Ten fails in any forward thinking marketing ideas.

    All I can say is thank god for the internet..

    Like someone said at the All Hell Breaks Loose convention, “Channel 10 sucks [email protected]”. Seriously.

  13. Well, as usual channel ten have lived down to expectations. Doesn’t matter. I already have a source for my weekly Supernatural fix, sans ads, and by the time ten get around to screening it I’ll probably be three-quarters of the way through the current season.

  14. well channel 10 you have done it again. Alienating Supernatural fans is going to lose you so many, many, viewers.

    Jeers also have to go to them for their dismal promotion of the ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ convention (that the boys came to our shores for in April). The stars that headline one of the shows on their network and they didn’t even advertise the convention or that they were here.

    We fans filled the university lecture theater over two days, spent an astronomical amount on merchandise and convention passes and all Ten could do was a couple of measly interviews with the boys. Well, we let them know what we thought of channel Ten and its habit of changing days and bumping Supernatural. We are not impressed with Ten at all.

    channel Ten is fast losing a once staunch loyal viewer.

  15. I have always been a protector and supporter of Ten but now that they have done this to my all time favourite show, i am no longer. That is one sure fire way to lose me…fast.

    Thank God for the internet, that is all i have to say!

    Supernatural could be something very special to you Ten if you treated it right.

  16. Like my mother always said, a leopard can’t change it’s spots and true to form, channel 10 have proved themselves worthy of this saying.
    When will you learn channel 10? You are really missing the point when it comes to airing Supernatural in your line up.
    There is a huge fan base here that I think you are totally oblivious to. The majority of us are hardworking, intelligent and astute fans and would prefer to watch intelligently written, well acted shows instead of some of the mindless drivel that you perceive that we wish to watch.
    The stars of the show visited out fair shores in April 09,. And what did you do? Nothing. Here was a golden opportunity for you to participate in the popularity of this show and you glossed over their arrival with a few paltry interviews……for shame.
    Seriously ten? I think not.

  17. Not fair Ten!! You tell us Supernatural will be starting Season 5 on 28 September and now you pull the rug out from under us! You are disappointing a very large audience – one that seems to fly under the ratings radar but you *know* we are there.

    I know a lot of people who were really looking forward to this and thought that finally Ten had done something right. Looks like Ten is off my viewing radar for the forseeable future.

  18. Nurse Jackie was great – I’d like to watch it again if I can find it.
    Ten really caters for a certain type of audience (Rove?) and great programs like Dexter, The Office, and now Nurse Jackie, are bound to fail with these people.
    I wonder why the owners of these shows sell them to Ten.
    Sure they get the initial fee for the program, but if no-one watches, or it’s on so late people don’t find it, what’s the point?

  19. I think this is the best decision TEN have made in a while. Little Britain and Nurse Jackie are in the best slot for success now I believe, even if it is one ep to late. Maybe they could slot an encore screening of NJ after Rove on the 27th before it continues on the 28th?

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