7TWO ties with GO!

7TWOIt will only be a matter of time before 7TWO has its first win over GO! And it could come as early as tomorrow.

Last night both tied on a 2.0% share.

ABC2’s Doctor Who repeat was the top show on digital channels last night at 125,000 with 7TWO’s movie Category 7: The End of the World next at 104,000 viewers.

Those channels would have had competition from SBS,  Monday is its strongest night. The network took a healthy 8.4% share last night with Top Gear pulling 726,000, beating Jamie’s American Road Trip and just 1,000 behind The 7:30 Report.

A new Two and a Half Men was the top show overall, on a very strong 1.45m. While many have asked ‘why does Melbourne love the show so much?’ the question should perhaps be ‘why doesn’t Sydney?’ -last night even more Brissy viewers watched than Sydney.

A Current Affair beat Today Tonight too. The latter played an exclusive Hollywood-produced DVD of Geoffrey Edelsten’s wedding invitation in which the flamboyant doctor re-enacted his romance with Brynne Gordon, narrated by Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander. It even had an appearance from Fran Drescher. The excruciating, extended clip was car-crash telly with next to no reporting.

Elsewhere Hot Seat didn’t manage to beat Deal or No Deal despite giving away 250,000, while The 7PM Project, which had a good discussion with George Negus and Ben Elton, hit 741,000. The final Media Watch for 2009 was 704,000 (Jonathan Holmes said he was returning in 2010) and an enjoyable ep of The Apprentice Australia lifted to 874,000 -next week a double episode as two more are cut.

7TWO / GO!: 2.0
ABC2: 1.5
ONE: 0.9
SBS2: 0.2

Update: The Vampire Diaries took 148,000 on GO! in its first screening, but with a second 1am screening, which took 7,000 viewers, its average figure dropped. This anomaly has long been an issue in ratings for the Pay TV sector too. Shows are averaged on multiple screenings within a 24hr period.

Week 46


  1. Anywhere outside of Perth Metro here in WA the only digital channels we have and seem that we’ll ever have are ABC & SBS.

    Regional WA is so behind the times thanks to GWN & WIN holding us back on analogue dark ages until apparently 2013.

    The ACMA should of allowed a independent 3 Digital licence here in WA to commence transmissions long ago and that might of got GWN & WIN off the backsides to do something a bit quicker as i don’t think they could be any slower.

    I’d be glad to watch anything thats shown on the 7two or Onehd let alone complain about the content – i’d even watch a test pattern if it meant something different than ABC or SBS for the next 3 years to justify why i have a Set Top Box.

    Bunbury, WA

  2. Amazing that people in Prime territory think they’re “second class citizens” because of the lack of 7TWO. There’s millions of people around the country waiting for basic digital services to start, let alone multi-channels. Just be patient, and stop making yourselves look like idiots.

  3. I’m quite thankful for both Go and 7two repeating prime time shows after midnight… when there is just too much on during peak to watch at least I can rely on the repeat screening to make sure I don’t miss out…

  4. @Jed: i do agree with u that 7 is smart with advertising 7TWO on its main channel but i still prefer 7TWO having better visuals.
    surprisingly, i dont watch any channel 9 shows but i do watch GO!

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