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Woohoo. TEN sees sense with David Letterman and moves it back to a decent timeslot in December. Plus other summer changes....

david-lettermanYou blogged. They listened…   (we’re gonna have to drop the overuse of that one soon).

TEN has seen sense on Letterman.

It’s now moved it back to follow on from the late night run of The 7PM Project.

From Monday November 30 the rule of thumb will now be:

TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
The 7PM Project rpt
The Late Show with David Letterman.

Those replays of show like Medium, Numb3rs, Law & Order: CI etc will now follow Letterman. The downside is Nurse Jackie geta a 1:00am slot. Can’t have it all I guess…

There are other changes too:

Wed Dec 2:
8pm The Simpsons now replaced with Futurama.
10:05pm Californication replaced with Little Britain USA.

This would seem to be a move to accommodate 7PM repeat at a consistent hour. Hopefully it’s still on the cards for summer.

Thu Dec 3
7:30pm Rules of Engagagement is now out replaced by Accidentally on Purpose.

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  1. my god 1am for nuse jackie thats the best show on at the monment god australian channels are nut they move any show to any time cos there no one to fight over expect for 2 channels 7 and 9

  2. This, in a roundabout way, shows the power of Rove. TEN are desperate to make the 7PM Project work because Rove’s company produces it. Running it just 4 hours after it originally has gone to air is ludicrous in my opinion. They should have left Letterman where he was and rolled with the 7PM Project after Letterman, if they really wanted to repeat it. By the way, could someone please tell the 10 execs that people have things like VCRs and DVD recorder players nowadays? If you want to watch something and you’re not home or near a TV just tape it! It doesn’t seem that too many people want to watch the 7PM Project when it goes to air live anyway. Why give everyone a second reason each night to switch off TEN?

  3. 10 should play a Nurse Jackie double for one week at 9:30 after Supernatural, there will only be 2 episodes after this coming Monday. People go on about ratings yet Supernatural never rates well and continues getting perfect treatment. Do channel 10 have a crush on the Supernatural boys?

  4. Come on!!! Be honest with yourselves…Letterman is not funny.At.All! Even when taking into account the plethora of US references, He has become as stale as Rove. Seriously, watch it and don’t just follow the forced studio laughter – he really is not funny.

  5. I was expecting 90210 or Melrose to be the summer filler while those Good News Week People take a break.Something to look forward to on a Monday given I am not into Crime Shows or whatever rubbish SBS shows these days in the same timeslot.A little disappointed to say the least so I guess the late night bookstore becomes my friend now.

    Here is something Ten could also do regarding the 7pm Project over Summer and that is dump Dr Phil for it.How many of us want to watch a Talk Show Other than Rove but has no relevance to Australians.

  6. what?!? no Californication! first they don’t fast-track s3 like s1 & 2, then they say they are playing it over summer and then they pull it for more repeats of little britain usa, dumb move since its only 6 episodes and the dvd came out before ten got around to air it the first time.

  7. That’s great !!! They finally listened.

    But …

    There was nothing wrong with Nurse Jackie’s timeslot to begin with!!!
    Why on earth did they move it?

    Can they listen again, please?
    And fix Jackie’s timeslot please?
    It deserves so much better.

    Thank you 🙂

  8. I wish the 7pm Project @ Late night was a new episode with them having more adult content.

    Although I want to add that last nights 7pm Project Interview with Sam Clark was appalling… Right up there with Hayley Lewis… if they can’t interview their guests properly, don’t have them at all.

  9. Why are they axing RoE repeats, if they continue at that pace they’ll be out of fresh AoP eps within 5 weeks. They’d better give The Office a fair go, its the best show on the network.

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