Nine confirms Cops LAC drama

police1The Nine Network yesterday confirmed its new Sydney drama Cops LAC as part of its 2010 Programme Launch.

The “Local Area Command” drama was first leaked by TV Tonight in early November.

As previously noted, the characters in the series include 2 Academy graduates, one male, 29, one female, 19; a third generation cop who wants to become a detective; an ‘old school’ Senior Sergeant on the cusp of retirement; an early 30s detective who can read human behaviour in an instant; a mid-40s female Inspector with an impeccable work ethic; and a Superintendent who is smart, strategic, and respected by his peers.

The series, set at ‘Seaview Local Area Command,’  is believed to begin shooting from next May as 13 x 1 episodes, with a second shoot to begin immediately thereafter.

Meanwhile David Gyngell also announced a third channel for Nine next year, following the success of the GO! brand.

“GO! is the new Channel TEN, and Channel Nine is the old Channel Nine,” he suggested.

Nine will offer a catch-up service to include Warner titles such as Two and a Half Men, Cold Case, and The Mentalist.

“Our Warner studio output deal allows us to provide a 28-day catch-up after it’s been on air,” Sales Director Peter Wiltshire said.

But Ninemsn chief executive Joe Pollard said talks were continuing on beginning catch-up services next year.

Nine’s Programme Launch moves to Melbourne today for the last of its 3 day media tour, where more new announcements are expected.

Source: The Australian, Ninemsn


  1. hahaha a Superintendant that the staff like, the show is doomed from the start. It is appalling to watch so many ridiculous police shows in Australia, where did Young Lions, Water Rats etc end up… the scrap heap.

  2. I think the GO! channel should show programs like “Good Times” (70’s sitcom), “The A-Team”, “Knight Rider” & bring back “The Aria Music Show” maybe around 5pm Saturday / Sunday’s. But please do not show “Special Rescue Opps” this show has low budget actors & story lines are crap.

  3. if go is suppose to be for the youth then get rid of seinfeild, get smart and all the other old shows that the youth arent intresting and make a channel of those shows. i dont understand moving shows like gossip girl which a youth aimed show, are they trying to change the demo for the channel or something???

  4. So much for “Cops LAC” being a working title.

    Here it comes – reviewer paradise!

    “Cops LAC talent”.

    “Cops LAC excitement”.

    “Cops LAC viewers”.

    “Cops LAC timeslot”.

  5. I’d love to see a new channel – the more the better! Nine just need to try and not cannibalise their Go! and Nine audiences with it. The only way Nine can do this is to target the ‘family’, rather than the ‘youth’ that they target now with Go!. It would also have to be on their HD service, and I would not like to loose their HD programming.

    I’d like to see a schedule like this:
    6am to 9am – Children’s Programs
    9am to 12pm – ‘Classic’ sit-coms
    12pm to 2pm – Midday Movie
    2pm to 4pm – ‘Classic’ sit-coms
    4pm to 6pm – ARIA Music Show
    6pm to 8:30pm – Family Movie
    8:30pm to 11pm – Night Movie
    11pm to 12am – Sit-Coms
    12am to 3am – Repeats of Nines 8:30 to 11:30 line-up in HD
    3am to 6am – Good Morning America (full episode)

  6. Maybe GO! should purchase the rights for Big Brother? BB would be perfect on GO!, but it would be a costly exercise. Can’t wait for the third channel. Hopefully they won’t be arrogant like 7 and give the channel a brand new name, not something like 9two.

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