Panic stations as TEN dumps more shows

engagement1It’s ‘Panic Stations” at Network TEN this summer as another raft of shows gets the chop from its schedules.

Rules of Engagement, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Glee (repeats) have been dumped -even the extra 30 minutes of The 7PM Project has been ditched from Fridays, despite the network promising longer episodes through summer.

In their place are more Accidentally on Purpose, repeats of Malcolm in the Middle, new Simpsons and movies.

TEN’s trigger-happy programming follows it cutting Supernatural, Stargate Universe and a number of other shows.

The network may be reacting to a dwindling summer share, but it’s cure is also part of the symptom. Audiences respond to consistency and don’t like shows disappearing without explanation.

It’s not exactly a great way to start the year with your audience.

In fact, TEN’s programming seems to be so sidetracked, its amendments even incorrectly slated Simpsons episodes as “All New Simpsons” with “Homer the Whopper” noted as a “Season Premiere.” For the record it aired here in October. Note: TEN has since advised of an error and updated with new episodes for Mondays and Wednesdays beginning with S21E5 “The Devil Wears Nada.”

One hour editions of The 7PM Project appear to have been saved from trimming. Mondays are generally the show’s best night.

Amongst all the changes, TEN still hasn’t found room to reschedule Supernatural yet…

TEN’s changes will take effect from Thursday.

Thursday Jan 7
7:30pm Accidentally on Purpose

Friday Jan 8
6:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
7:00pm The 7PM Project
7:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
8:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt

12:45pm The 7pm Project
1:15am The Late Show With David Letterman

Sunday Jan 10
6:30pm Movie: Billy Madison
8:30pm Movie: Die Hard With A Vengeance

Monday Jan 11
8:00pm The Simpsons (new ep)

Tuesday Jan 12
7:30pm Accidentally on Purpose

Wednesday Jan 13
7:30pm The Simpsons (new ep)

Thursday Jan 14
7:30pm Accidentally on Purpose

Friday Jan 15
7:00pm The 7PM Project
7:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
8:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt

Sunday Jan 17
6:30pm Movie: Home Alone 2
8:30pm Movie: Collateral

Mon Jan 18
8:00pm The Simpsons (new ep)

Tuesday Jan 19
7:30pm Accidentally on Purpose

Wednesday Jan 20
8:00pm The Simpsons (new ep)

Thursday Jan 21
7:30pm Accidentally on Purpose

Friday Jan 22
6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7PM Project
7:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
8:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt

12:50pm The 7pm Project
1:20am The Late Show With David Letterman
8:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt



  1. Bring back Supernatural. This is seriously becoming ridiculous. Ten used to be what I thought was one of the best free to air channels but now they are so unreliable. I turn on the tv to watch an episode of supernatural (my favourite show) only to find it has been replaced, without warning, with some movie they have played a thousand times before. How can they expect it to get good ratings in the low rating season and when they continue to change the time and day they play it. Not only that, they seem to play 5 episodes before taking it off and then the loyal viewers have to wait months before the next 5 episodes will be played. This makes it almost impossible to follow the plot. Channel ten need to pick up it’s act.

  2. quite fankly, I don’t see a reason to watch 10 anymore as Supernatural (and more recently Stargate) was the only thing I watched on there. Thanks Ch 10 for reminding me why I don’t bother checking what’s on your station!!!!

  3. Did I read my TV Guide right – Malcolm is going to be on 6pm weeknights from next week?!

    Waiting for The Simpsons mob to be up in arms on this — not that I mind, rather something than I haven’t seen 5 or 10 times already.

    Nine must regret not saving Malcolm for Go!

  4. Ten sucks anyway. They hardly ever have anything on that I would watch, and when the do they pull it with no warning! Stop all the repeats and fillers, you are just making a mess of the channel – it’s now just known as a dump station.
    I don’t even bother hoping that Ten will bring back the shows they dump with no warning, I just go looking elsewhere for a more Reliable source.

  5. WTF Why take away Glee repeats??!!
    at least play em at a different time or something.
    Please I’m begging you!!!!
    and seriously bring back Supernatural!!!!!!

  6. How are the ratings for White Collar? it’s my favourite show and I hope Ten orders a second series as well…Anybody know when it resumes again?

  7. Hey Channel 10, tonight I watched Stargate on Channel 7 it was great and for an hour I was happy. Last Thursday I didnt watch your movie “Seige”.
    After the show tonight I went through a TV program and had a look at a few days of your programming and noted some of the shows I definitely don’t/will never watch on 10 so I couldn’t give a bugger if while you were at it you dropped them too.
    In no particular order: Accidently on purpose, Lie to me, Law & order Criminal intent, Numbers, Home shopping, Kenneth Copeland, Life today with James Robison, This is your Day with Benny Hinn, Toasted TV, Zorro Generation, Bakugan, Puzzle Play, Dr Phil, The Bold & the beautiful, Sex & the city, Dragon Ball, Chaotic, Out of the blue, Hell’s Kitchen, Bayless Conley, Leading the way, Hour of Power, It’s me or the dog.
    While I’m at it your news is second rate and I actively avoid it, you will need a massive revamp and whole lotta money spent there to get me to even consider it. Then there’s your big movie Die Hard, what again, do you keep track of how many times you have run that?
    Anyway my point being, if you cast a cursory glance over the tripe, fill ins and other junk you show over a 24 hour period you will see there is plenty of room for Stargate and Supernatural and even repeats of some of the other shows you have deemed we dont need . I would think you would want to keep us not
    drive us away, seriously do any of the shows I mentioned in the “drop em” list make you want to rush home so you don’t miss them, I would think not.

  8. @kutty
    “where do we see Ten now? The exact same place where it was in ‘89, when it became 10 TV Australia… Dump seriously… it’s never been taken less seriously, than has been taken now.”

    wow, well put….. ’nuff said!

    That’s the best and most succinct thing someone has said about TEN in awhile.
    I’m a TEN fan but am becoming so irritated by and disillusioned with them.

  9. I was disappointed to hear that TEN is dropping repeats of “Rules of Engagement” and the new season of “Supernatural”.
    I love “RoE” (repeats and new episodes) and I hope TEN shows new episodes soon.
    And as for “Supernatural” I hope they bring it back soon.

  10. Look I don’t mind Malcolm in the Middle & the Simpsons but this is ridiculous – I’ll soon get sick of seeing these shows on all the time. Also Accidently on Purpose – people watch that show! I can’t stand Jenna Elfman – she is sooo annoying!

  11. Clearly the effect of summer holidays is still evident over at CH10 who ever is in charge may want to get back and take control and send the work experience kid home

  12. Good news for those that want to obtain shows the legal way. iTunes has release Psych Season 3, and Monk Season 7, both of which TEN or TV1 have not aired. Monk Season 6 is also available.
    I do not know if the are available on DVD though…

  13. Well put @ Scotty H: **These schedule changes scream out one thing, “Turn off Channel 10″ **
    Totally agree with you !! New NCIS and White Collar will be the only shows I intend watching on CH 10 at this time.

    I have wanted ‘ The 7PM Project ‘ to do well all year but as others have already mentioned it just doesn’t have enough Fresh content and the panel just ramble on talking rubbish half the time…….very disappointing as the 7pm timeslot needed something exciting and new….

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