Cast announced for Cloudstreet

Showtime Australia and Screentime have announced its cast for the Cloudstreet miniseries, to be adapted from Tim Winton’s novel about two Perth working class families from the 1940s – 1960s.

It includes Essie Davis (The Silence, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, After The Deluge, The Matrix) as Dolly Pickles with Stephen Curry (30 Seconds, The King) as her husband Sam Pickles, and Emma Booth (Underbelly 3, Clubland) as their daughter Rose.

They will be joined by Kerry Fox (Bright Star, Shallow Grave, An Angel At My Table) as Oriel Lamb, Geoff Morell (Bastard Boys, Curtin, Grass Roots, Changi) as her husband Lester Lamb, with Todd Lasance (Home & Away, Fools Gold) as Quick and recent NIDA graduate Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Fish.

The three month shoot will commence in Western Australia on February 8, with Matt Saville (Tangle, The King, The Surgeon, Noise) directing.

The series, being adapted by Winton and Ellen Fontanta, is in production for the Showcase channel.


  1. i don’t quite get why people bother writing to say they don’t like it. the fact that you don’t like it does not change the fact that its an amazing book and one of Autralia’s most loved. Its clear there is something very valuable about it.

    i agree that to enjoy it may have so mething to do with appreciating the place and the era. i often wonder how people outside that context, or outside Australia would be able to appreciate it….

  2. graham, no, I don’t think I’m particularly hard to please as I am a Total bookworm and have very eclectic tastes with regard to my reading. It is very rare indeed that I find a book boring. Cloudstreet just didn’t really capture my imagination. I’m just not a big fan of Winton’s writing style, as I did not really enjoy The Riders much, either. Maybe I should try and read Cloudstreet again and see if I enjoy it the second time around!

  3. graham howarth

    alle …you are hard to please it is a fantastic book it again ..or maybe you dont understand what it was like growing up in that time …

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