Airdate: I ROCK

These days ABC is announcing more and more of its timeslots for key shows through YouTube promos.

The latest is I ROCK its first drama commissioned for ABC2. It teases with the line, “8 episodes, 10 gigs, 1 complete A-hole.”

The new drama / comedy built around a struggling rock pub band, Boy Crazy Stacey, is produced by David Fedirchuk and Rob Macdonald, and promises “sex, lies and loads of great original pub rock before culminating in an outrageous climax.”

The series features Josh Mapleston as Nash Taylor, a mix of swagger and arrogance hiding a nerdish vulnerability, who attempts to claw his way to the top of the rock & roll heap.

Amongst a cast of several newcomers are Mark Pound, Ashley Fitzgerald, Jeremy Keast, Alison Bell, Pat Ommundson, and Kate Sherman.

It airs 9:00pm Monday May 3rd on ABC2.


  1. tasmanian devil

    Good to see a drama commissioned for ABC2. It’s the best and most advanced of the multichannels, pity it only goes for 11 hours a day and has an abysmal share.

  2. I think it looks good; A nice change from the standard cop / family / hospital show this country so loves to produce.

    I’m after change in Australian TV premises so I will defiantely check this out.

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