Prisoner in Logies Hall of Fame leak

Prisoner is one of nine contenders in the running for a Hall of Fame Award at the 2010 Logies.

Cult soap Prisoner is in the running for a Hall of Fame Award at the 2010 Logies.

The show will compete with 8 other nominations put forward by television networks, to be decided by a jury. Only one will be successful.

The other 8 are all performers:

Brian Henderson
Ian Ross
Brian Naylor
George Negus
Ken Sutcliffe
Les Murray
Maggie Tabberer
Ray Meagher

Last year’s winner was Bill Collins. It has previously been awarded to either a show or an individual, who could be an on-screen or off-screen industry name.

The names were leaked in today’s Australian newspaper. Traditionally the name of the Hall of Fame is announced ahead of the ceremony but the other contenders, which are submitted by networks, are never disclosed.

Writer Reg Watson, who created Prisoner, Neighbours, The Young Doctors, Glenview High, The Restless Years and Sons and Daughters, is yet to join the inductees. This year he received an OAM. Nine’s perennial Daryl Somers is also absent. Only one woman has ever made the list, Ruth Cracknell.

The Logies are due to take place on May 2nd.

Source: The Australian

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  1. Should be Prisoner the greatest tv show ever. I dont know why they dont make a new series set in Wentwort Detention Centre, bring back some of the old characters as well as introduce new ones

  2. Surely to goodness the ‘Hall of Fame’ Must go to Prisoner! The show has not only had fame in Australia, but around the globe and continues to do so to this day – some 31 years later!! It has made household names of many Aussie actors globally, was so ‘ahead of it’s time’ and addressed issues other shows around the world during that era would have shyed away from. C’mon all you Logies people, let’s give this show – the recognition it deserves!

  3. I hope a state-based personality does not get it.

    Anne Wills has won 20 state-based Logies in SA, making her a worthy nominee. But most people have no idea who she is. Same with state-based newsreaders, even though they come from an eastern state.

  4. Prisoner is a force that needs to be recognised and awarded! It’s the best show ever! What a show case of Australian talent! Even all these years later an people still talk about it!

  5. I would love Prisoner to win it, but as many people have said it will probably go to Brian Naylor – if only it had been nominated last year for it’s 30th Birthday, then I’m positive the show would have won it!!

  6. Prisoner definitely deserves it, brings back so many memories and everyone watched it when it was on, why can’t we make dramas like that anymore? I agree most of those newsreaders are state based and aren’t known throughout the world like Prisoner is.

  7. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, Reg Watson deserves to receive the award.

    Whilst I agree Prisoner is a remarkable show with a huge cult worldwide audience, it would never have existed had it not been for Mr Watson creating it.

    He has created dozens of internationally renowned dramas that have showcased literally thousands of actors on the world stage.

    He absolutely should receive the award sometime for his massive contribution to Australian television.

  8. l love Prisoner nd have every single dvd of the series,l believe it is the best tv show ever made in Australia,hope it gets the award.The series is a cult not just here but in England as well,31 years after the first show aired and the show still has so many fans who love the show .But l think Brian Naylor will get the award because of his tragic death last year,l did grow up watching Nine news Melbourne and Brian was the best newsreader l have ever watched on tv.

  9. So glad to see Prisoner make it on the list it is thoroughly deserved just wish Channel Ten would consider screening it again at some stage. You can’t get drama better than this, it was Australian drama at its best!

  10. Brian Henderson seems the likely victor to me, although I would love for Prisoner to get the award. It did break every previous rule in the television book, and was huge across other continents. – I guess Prisoner was such a huge point of difference. Love to see Val Lehman,Elspeth Ballantyne,Collette Mann, Peta Toppano, Carol Burns, Betty Bobbitt, Patsy King , Louise Siversen, Janet Andrewartha, Jackie Woodburne, Julia Blake Tina Bursill, Debra Lawrence etc etc be on stage together. How will they choose who to accept?

  11. While I think having a public voted Hall Of Fame would go against the Logies deep wish to have some cred, I do think there is an argument to have a show and a person inducted each year. Especially if the person is either of the Brians, who (for most of their careers) were really only known in one city.

  12. as an obsessed prisoner fan who has every singile episode on dvd and has watched every singile episode twice i want it to win but it has a tough battle ahead of it with the other contenders

  13. It’s quite an interesting list of ‘contenders’ for the Hall of Fame. I’m too young for Prisoner, so i’m not too sure about that. Newsreaders Brian Henderson, Ian Ross and Brian Naylor are all worthy participants if any of them win.

    Good to see George Negus there. He’s been in Journalism for ages. But my ‘sentimental favourite’ would be Les Murray. He’s been a large member for SBS, and remained their since it’s first day

  14. Please, not Ken Sutcliffe, not in a million years.

    Les Murray would be a good choice as one of the founding presenters on SBS, and this is SBS’ 30th year on air.

    I thought Perth’s Jeff Newman might be deserving of a vote for Hall of Fame. I know he’s only really known in WA but a 40+ year career in television is an incredible achievement and contribution to the industry.

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