Richard Wilkins for Logies host?

You just gotta love Logies rumours.

The latest one has Richard Wilkins as a potential 2010 host -at least according to an article in the Daily Telegraph.

It reckons he has emerged as a front runner following Eddie McGuire’s hosting of the Winter Olympics. Riiiiiiiight.

Natalie Gruzlewski is “hotly tipped” to play Wilkins’ co-host.

The article even goes so far as to claim, “With Bert Newton deemed too old and Ray Martin and Daryl Somers now out of the industry, the one viable challenger to Wilkins for the job is said to be comedian Shane Bourne. To date, Bourne’s champions say he has insisted he’s not interested in the role.”

That’s likely to be news to Daryl Somers, and indeed Ray Martin. If they’re out of the industry they are yet to turn up at my local McDonald’s drive thru.

Shaun Micallef remains the best pick for 2010: he is witty, urbane and now has a commercial hit -alas he’s not on Nine (neither is Shane Bourne).

Maybe Richard Wilkins is getting in before Karl and Lisa are asked -after all, they host Carols by Candlelight, and they’re fronting the Oscars intro next Monday too. Although Karl is probably looking to keep some distance with the Logies after 2009. The truth is all of these guys know hosting the gig is a poisoned chalice.

We could be in for another one of those years where the gig is shared (one of whom really oughta be Kerri-Anne), or there is no host at all, just a series of presenters.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. They were saying on the Circle yesterday that word from the Logies camp was that there were going to be a number of hosts – with one from each network.

    Shaun Micallef was apparently the front runner for Channel 10.

    And the only excuse I have for watching the Circle was a post-mardi gras hang over ….

  2. snapper jack

    I woke up this morning and had a night mare that richard wilkins hosted the logies and I was forced to watch bert newtons 20 to 1 worst Logies moments. Unfortunately half of that dream has come true…why god? why have you foresaken your people??

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