Airdate: Carl Williams: Baby Faced Killer

Nine has reacted quickly to the reported death of Carl Williams, the gangland murderer depicted in the first series of Underbelly.

It has slated a special Carl Williams: Baby Faced Killer to air tonight at 8:30pm.

Williams, who was portrayed in Underbelly by Gyton Grantley, died in Barwon Prison according to numerous media reports today.

Age journalist John Silvester, who wrote the book Leadbelly, reported that Williams, 39, died after he was attacked by fellow inmates in the prison early this afternoon.

As a result of the programming change by Nine, a new Mentalist episode will now air next week.

Nine certainly has its finger on the pulse for this kind of thing, and it could undermine TEN’s MasterChef premiere to some degree.

UPDATED: Seven News Melbourne Senior reporter Peter Morris will have all the latest developments tonight in a series of breaking news reports.

The Carl Williams story of murder, gangland war and his major drug-dealing operation is told through gripping re-enactments, archival footage, photographs and interviews in Baby Faced Killer.

Police investigators, family members including his late mother Barbara Williams, father George Williams and wife Roberta Williams, the bodyguard of drug rival Lewis Moran, plus the co-author of the Underbelly book, John Silvester, all tell their part of the story – piecing together the life and murderous times of Carl Williams, the gangland killer with the baby face.

Narrated by Vince Colosimo, Baby Faced Killer gives a terrifying insight into the underworld lifestyle and crimes of Carl Williams. With a string of murders leaving a trail of bodies across Melbourne, Williams became one of the most notorious killers in Australian history in a bid to defend his drug territory.

Baby Faced Killer is the untold Williams story from those who knew the murderer with the baby face best.


  1. Even Vince sounded exhausted in the episode, carl williams has been done to death and Vince, haven’t you made enough bucks out of doing crime shows that just glorify these wasted space, careful, it might grow on you.

  2. What a disgrace. Channel nine has yet again made Carl out to be a hero, so much so deciding to air a special on him only 7 hours after his murder. The Mentalist is a great show, making a criminal out to be so important – poor decision.

  3. What Crap! I couldn’t giive a rats about Carl Williams and his pedling of drugs and violence. It’s bad enough that they intersperse new episodes with repeats and keep advertising a new series. Surely it’s these programing decisions that make it hard to maintain peoples interest in episodes. Examples are constant changing of times, days, starting late from reality shows or so called specials going over. This seems to exist on all channels at present.

  4. I contacted Channel 9 last night to complain about showing this so soon after. I was on hold for approximately 20 minutes waiting to get through, all the while listening to promos for ‘Underbelly’… (lol)… phone was answered by a very frazzled sounding receptionist. I voiced my dismay and disgust about showing this program, sensationalising and glamourising the crime industry. She mentioned that there had been quite a few complaints. Not that management at Nine would listen anyway. Look at how the NRL down here has been treated.

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