Ugly Betty update

Plus news on Samantha Who, Eli Stone and Prime Suspect.

Some changes through from 7TWO….

Next Tuesday May 4th, Ugly Betty airs as a double episode from 6:30pm, bumping Full House and Samantha Who out -both shows remain on other nights.

Corrected: On May 11th Ugly Betty will be at 6:30pm with Situation Critical at 7:30pm.

Meanwhile Eli Stone is out on Thursday 6th with a double Prime Suspect in place from 8:30pm.

Same again on May 13.

That is all…

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  1. I (kinda) understood when 7 had one channel that they needed to swap times to maximise ratings etc. But now that they have an additional channel, swapping times, especially without notification, is inexcusable. 7+7TWO = Worst. Channels. Ever.

  2. well i love this show so as long as its still on that make me happy no mater what time
    and david great picture of betty she looks really happy about the time change ha

  3. I have been enjoying watching Ugly Betty (and Samatha Who?) at a regular time each week now I have to start chasing this show as well and I agree 6.30pm is an odd time to put this type of show on.
    Thanks to TV Tonight I will at least have a better chance of catching it.

  4. 7TWO is now becoming as prolific as Channel 9/GO! with schedule changes… which helps nobody… and what is to be gained by putting Ugly Betty on at 6.30? Surely it would conflict with Home And Away’s demographic at 7.00? The digital channels were not meant to be under the same ratings pressure as the main channels so would allow shows to play out without so many changes. Obviously that phase was only short lived.

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