Top Gear update

A first run episode will play next Tuesday, June 1st.

Top Gear fans take note…

A first run episode will play next Tuesday, June 1st. It has not been played on SBS before.

Episode 7 of S14 is the last “new” episode in Nine’s library, all others have been played on Australian television.

According to Wikipedia the synopsis includes: “Clarkson’s ‘low-budget’ worldwide review on the BMW X6, May and Margaret Calvert reflect on the evolution of road signs in Britain, Top Gear Awards 2009.”

The 90 minute episode will be followed by the premiere of Australian Druglords now at 9pm and the Air France Flight 447 special at 10pm.

Nine is yet to announce any details about Top Gear Australia.

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  1. @Spud,

    I honestly doubt many people “avoid” the ABC or SBS. In reality you’ll likely find the reason they only discover these shows once they’re on commercial stations is simply because the promotion of them there is much, much, greater.

    Nice bit of 2.5men bashing at the end too, though I’m not sure how it added to the discussion. What a shame you don’t feel others should be allowed to enjoy whatever shows they wish to. I’ll speak to the majority of viewers for you, perhaps they’ll see it your way.

  2. David it has the right description but what I don’t get is the final is nothing special, like the Bolivian one so I wonder why it’s been expanded to it’s full length or are Nine adding extra segments to fill in the 90 minutes?

    Guess we’ll find out next week.

  3. @Spud – Yes, there are people out there who Never watch ABC or SBS – unfortunately I know a few personally. They’re the ones at smoko chatting about last night’s ACA or TT revelations…and taking it all so seriously!

  4. About time. I was wondering if they were ever going to show it. How long since we saw the last “new” episode – the Bolivian Special? Must be at least 2 months ago.

  5. There must be a lot of people who don’t know how to change channels or look at a TV guide. It astounds me to see a show pick up a large number of viewers on a commercial network after it has been showing on SBS or ABC for years with a modest audience. I guess the mentality of people who don’t venture away from commercial networks explains the ratings success of crap shows such as Two and a Half Men etc.

  6. Good that Nine are finally airing the final, just 5 months after the UK…

    @Woody – I guess we don’t have a ‘legal’ choice but to watch it on Ch9 or pay the $2.99 and DL it from iTunes.

    Weird how Adelaide is out of sync with the rest of us.

    In TV Week it has it as 70 minutes, are they showing the full ep now?

    Also any work on when S15 will air here, it starts in about 4 week in the UK.

  7. I just can’t fathom why anyone would choose to watch Top Gear on Ch 9 over SBS given the amount of advertising that 9 feed in to that segment and how badly chopped up the season has been. A real shame from the program viewers point of view.

    And, given that there are so many “new” Top Gear fans on 9 who wouldn’t have seen all of these ancient episodes what earthly reason could 9 have for delaying broadcast of this seasons final episode?

    More and more I wish this show was back on SBS.

  8. Thanks David, it’s pretty frustrating the way channel nine has thrown in all these old episodes without showing the last one of series 14 first. It makes no sense to us mere viewers, but channel nine always try their best to annoy as many viewers as possible.

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