Jane Badler’s Neighbours debut

Jane Badler makes her debut in Neighbours next week.

Best known for her villainess role in the original V series she plays ‘Diana Marshall’, CEO of the Daniel’s Corporation which owns Lassisters.

She arrives in Erinsborough to stir things up for ‘Paul Robinson’ after ‘Declan’ contacts her about some money ‘Paul’ has been moving around between companies.

‘Diana’ wants to bring down ‘Paul Robinson’ down….

Fittingly, her character is named ‘Diana,’ in tribute to the role she made famous on V.

She starts on air next Monday.


  1. John Jackson

    Oh she was in Cluedo? Loved that show! Never saw the original V so didn’t know her on that.

    Anyway, will be good to see how she goes on Neighbours.

  2. This is so weird, I have been watching the 2 miniseries and the original TV series that followed it for the first time over the last couple of weeks, classic stuff!
    This is going to be awesome, I don’t usually watch Neighbours, but will have to check it out to see what her character is like.

  3. She looks like a super bitch, they should get rid of all the young characters and bring in characters like this in true soap fashion. It’s the only way to finally improve this show.

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