MasterChef USA: teaser

Here’s your first glimpse of the US version of MasterChef, starring Gordon Ramsay. He is joined by restaurateur wine maker Joe Bastianich and four-star chef Graham Elliot Bowles.

This one is based on the Australian revamping of the show (but of course) and begins on FOX in late July, following Hell’s Kitchen.

With Ramsay on board is it really going to be as uplifting as our format though…?


  1. The dramatic tone Ramsey takes and the drumming in the background make it seem like Serious business OMG instead of the more upbeat version we see here in our version.

    That said, I like GR and I like MC so will definitely check it out when (and if) it airs here.

  2. I do wonder if 10 would bother with this, especially if they have Junior Masterchef planned. I can see 9 trying to get this for GO!. Then if 7 goes ahead with a second series of My Kitchen Rules this year, you have to wonder if people will be over cooking shows by this time next year.

  3. @Courtney and Nathan .. I think they were just referring to the fact that Masterchef, all of the variations, have been shown on TV in 110 countries, not that it has been a competition in 110 countries.
    Hope it makes its way onto FTA here, just to see the inevitable soap opera type b!tching sessions between the trailer trash contestants!

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