MasterChef USA: teaser

Look familiar? Here's your first glimpse of the US version of MasterChef, starring Gordon Ramsay.

Here’s your first glimpse of the US version of MasterChef, starring Gordon Ramsay. He is joined by restaurateur wine maker Joe Bastianich and four-star chef Graham Elliot Bowles.

This one is based on the Australian revamping of the show (but of course) and begins on FOX in late July, following Hell’s Kitchen.

With Ramsay on board is it really going to be as uplifting as our format though…?

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  1. Would be very interesting if Nine picks this up (are they allowed to? they’ve got kitchen nightmares, which is also FOX).

    Even if it doesn’t set the ratings world on fire it would probably give Ramsay another 15 minutes in the spotlight and might even damage the unstoppable Masterchef brand here – either this version is terrible, or it gives viewers cooking fatigue.

  2. i see they are just calling it Masterchef, not Masterchef USA. i think the Aus version would be better off dumping “Australia” from the title too. i rekon it just parades the fact that it is not a uniquely australian format even though fremantle has made it our own. it’s not like people won’t be able to tell the difference between the different versions. beauty and the Geek Australia and So You Think You can Dance Australia should do the same.

    DWTS, Farmer, Minute to win it, X factor, ect. none of them are followed by “Austraia”

  3. nothing can beat our MC but it looks far better the boring UK version and we finally beat the yanks at something we had MC before they did i hope one of the fta channels or foxtel show it in aus i would even be happy with someone putting it on yout tube as it is broadcast oin tv

  4. Lol I love the voiceover guy! So corny. He sounds like his narrating a trailer for a teen slasher movie. “They went to a cabin in the woods…and never reappeared again” Lol. The show looks awesome though!

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