Tim Ross to host new Seven comedy, Australia Versus.

Sophie Monk v Keira Knightley? Khe Sanh v Satisfaction? Tim Ross will host a new show for comedians.

Comedian Tim Ross will front a new comedy series for Seven, Australia Versus.

The ‘pop culture series’ will pit Australian comics against UK and US comedians. Set to feature are Peter Helliar, Rebel Wilson, Fiona O’Loughlin, Peter Berner, Greig Pickhaver, Hale and Pace, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Pauly Shore.

“It’s just comedians being funny, Ross told the Sunday Telegraph. “There are so many talking heads on TV who are not funny. I loved it, as it was a great premise for the comedians – not just the Aussies, but the Poms and Americans.

“Some of the debates are ridiculous – who’s got the sexiest starlet, Sophie Monk v Keira Knightley? – but it’s a great premise for jokes.

“The music stuff is great, with some uneven contests – Can Khe Sanh really take on (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction?”

Not the first time that style of question has been proposed for Light entertainment. Nine’s excruciating Big Questions, hosted by Jules Lund, came with a similar premise. Hopefully this one improves on that.

Meanwhile Seven is believed to have abandoned plans for its own 20 to 1 style show, once titled as ‘Ultimate Countdown.’

Australia Versus will debut later this year.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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