Post MasterChef: Undercover Boss, Recruits, Simpsons, Rules of Engagement, Jamie Oliver

TEN has released its post MasterChef schedule.

As expected the MasterChef finale airs 7:30pm Sunday July 25. The two hour finale pulls out TEN’s traditional big event programming strategy with a final 30 minutes coded as “The Winner Announced.” Likely to be the live element.

It will be followed by US hit series Undercover Boss (pictured) at 9:30pm which becomes a 7:30pm Monday show from July 26th.

As tipped to air twice a week, Modern Family will screen on Sundays (6:30pm July 25) and Tuesdays (now 7:30pm from July 27). Rules of Engagement will follow both episodes.

New eps of The Simpsons resume Wednesday July 28th at 7:30pm  and 8:00pm.

Bondi Vet
settles into Thursday 7:30pm from July 29th (a sneak peek episode airs this week) while  Recruits begins Thursday July 29th at 8:00pm. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution begins this Friday 16 July at 9.00pm, but shifts to 7:30pm Friday from July 30th.



  1. The Friday Programming needs some work as most of your targeted audience either work or are out with friends or families in the evenings.

  2. Why do we have to have Modern Family and Rules of Engagement on twice a week? The Sunday slot will kill these shows. Would have been better to screen The Simpsons on Sunday nights and the other comedies on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  3. I wonder if White Collar is coming back for Season 2…It’s just started airing in the U.S. and while it didn’t get a lot of views, I really like the show a lot and think that it should be back in the Friday night timeslot

  4. Sundays is night for comedy. 1998-2000 had The Simpsons on Sunday and that’s where they won. The death slot of 6:30-7:30 should gave Malcolm in the middle, which is a death show! It never had The Simpsons figures at 6pm weeknights! Mondays are for Modern Family, suitable, hard to fill and allows for a Good News lead in. Tuesdays are for Undercover boss. This is a day people like new things and nine have top gear which needs a competitor. Wednesdays is mid week and TBYG is a food way to forget the weeks pain. Jamie should be on after 8:30. Kids don’t like seeing him telling others how to eat! Also they are American, which is one of the fattest developed nations! Not us! Thursdays are fine. This is a good time for these shows as seven and nine have simple offerings. Fridays is a night no one watches and rules of engagement is one that sounds like a killer and Fridays are a slot that can kill.

    Good things is they are finally airing the rest of season 21 of The Simpsons. They had like it was fast tracked in 2009, then left it for the summer and they are just getting to it. Should be 2 news eps and then by the time 22 begins, they could show it about a month after the American airing and well you have a good ratings puller. Lets hope MC isn’t the only thing that TEN is able to have as a winner. Junior MC should win if they pick cooks over looks, and if the new judge isn’t leaning towards Donna Hay style comments. These aren’t celebs and that’s one George didn’t enjoy!

  5. two eps a week, that arent back ot back is stupid because it’s harder to remember and repeats is criminally stupid and a lame way to suck in more veiwers who think its not a repeat. why waste those precious time slots, why not put in something different that appeals to a larger demographic. who cares if it slightly underperforms the repeats when those people have more than likely already seen it. i only watch modern family (its not that riveting) and i may tune into the simpsons every now and again. stll waiting back on something that isnt the standard issue cop,medical, comedy or reality cliches. Still waiting for word on supenatural.

  6. They should have never ditched Cleveland in the first place.I have seen that Outrageous Fortune that now fills it’s 10pm slot.Not the wisest choice after a comedy type news show.

  7. do you know whether it be one new, and one repeat of Modern Family a week? (like what is currently aired)

    I’ll be interested to see the ratings for 7.30 report once MasterChef finishes

  8. opps forgot to say that the other networks might as well show a test pattern during the MC finale they havent got a hope of coming anywhere near the ratings it will get

  9. Heres what I think Ten’s TV Guide should look like after masterchef
    6.30pm Undercover Boss 7.30pm Junior Masterchef 8.30pm Offspring 9.30pm The Deep End
    7.30pm New Simpsons 8.30pm Good News Week 10pm Outrageous Fortune
    7.30pm Talkin Bout Your Generation 8.30pm NCIS 9.30pm NCIS: LA
    7.30pm Modern Family 8pm Recruits 8.30pm Lie To Me 9.30pm Law & Order: CI
    7.30pm Modern Family 8pm Bondi Vet 8.30pm Rush 9.30pm Burn Notice
    7.30pm Rules of Engagement 8pm The Office 8.30pm Movie

  10. The 6:30 Sunday is not a good spot for those two shows. Seems like a waste for shows that can actually rate.
    Seaosn 4 of Rules of Engagement was great by the way.

  11. TEN are going to kill Modern Family. Stupid programming by TEN. If they wanted to air 2 episodes a week why not just a double episode on Tuesday. Sorry TEN but i dont like the fact you are going to risk this show by moving it to your death slot of Sunday 6:30pm!

  12. And new Cleveland Show eps are airing…? Come on TEN! I don’t want to have to wait until december when the ratings year ends.

    By the way, I did not expect the MasterChef finale to air at 7:30pm Sunday July 25.

  13. I love Rules of Engagement!!!
    Thank you TEN for bringing it back. I have been waiting for ages for my favourite show to come back.

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