Returning: Skins, Entourage

Season Four of Skins is the last for the current cast, returning to SBS along with new Entourage episodes.

UK teen drama Skins resumes later this month on SBS for its fourth season.

This will be the final season for the current cast, with a new batch of kids to be introduced for Season Five, a strategy which began with Season Three. It is also the end for writer Bryan Elsley, but he oversees the upcoming US adaptation.

The gang are back after the summer break, in a seemingly protective bubble – their hedonism. There are no consequences, no tomorrow and everyone will live forever.

In episode one on Thomas experiences a life changing event, causing him to question everything – his faith, his family and even his choice of friends. The reverberations will reach far beyond Thomas’s story, affecting the lives of all those we know around him…

Skins returns with poignancy and wit with amazing performances from its young cast and a great trendy soundtrack featuring Australia’s own Mumford & Sons and Temper Trap, Ida Maria, The Clash and Laura Marling. The new series will not disappoint its many fans.

It returns to SBS ONE on July 26th at 10.00pm and is followed by new episodes of Entourage at 10:55pm with “Less than 30.”

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  1. @Nathan I’d actually have to disagree. I just rewatched the first 2 seasons, and even though I like the 1st lot of teens as a whole, I think the 2nd lot were more complex, deeper characters. The majority of the 1st group had very much one-sided personalities. Maxxie is probably the best example of that.

  2. So I guess if this is on at 10 pm on Mondays Shameless series 7 is out of the question until it finishes.

    SBS did say Shameless was returning after the world cup but that could be any time this year.

  3. About time! I’ve been waiting for this seasons of Skins forever!!
    I’m so excited!
    Though I’m very upset that I’ll have to give up on Outrageous Fortune that airs at the time on Channel Ten 🙁

  4. Yay, I love Skins, it’s a great show with a talented cast.

    Looking forward to the movie version which is supposedly in the works as well.

    Any word when the next series of Shameless will air on SBS??

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