Returning: Benidorm, Not Going Out

Some readers may recall Benidorm aired briefly on Seven in some cities earlier this year before being pulled.

Some readers may recall Benidorm aired briefly on Seven in some cities earlier this year before being pulled.

The UK comedy is now slated to air on 7TWO, where it was originally promised to premiere.

The Solana apartments in Benidorm play host to a variety of clientele all looking for one thing: value for money. There’s never a dull moment as these holiday makers expect to be treated to their ideal mix of fun in the sun in this hilarious British comedy.

It begins at 8:45pm Tuesday September 14 and is first run for Sydney and Brissy viewers. It is followed by Not Going Out at 9:15pm which aired last in January 2009. It resumes from S2E2.

A misunderstanding leads Lucy to persuade Lee to pretend to be gay in order to get closer to an attractive new business acquaintance. Lee obliges when he discovers there’s something in it for him: tickets to Wembley.

They are followed by The Sopranos at 9:50pm in a double episode and My Own Worst Enemy at 11:50pm.

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  1. Good about Not Going out. returning. I hear season 2 is really great and that Megan Dodds who played Kate in the first series isn’t back in (her character was a bit annoying at times) for season 2.

  2. Well I have no idea what Seven where thinking putting Benidorm on Seven in the first place, it should have stayed on Seven Two all along.

    Hopefully they keep these shows on Seven Two, if they can’t due to ratings then onsell it to the ABC for ABC 2. It would go nicely on Thursday night with all their comedy shows.

  3. This is for those of us who have 7 TWO not the regular seven.Give me a tasteful American Comedy over this anytime.This is nothing more than a real life version of a school leavers week

  4. Well I won’t be watching – I was actually looking forward to Benidorm when it did return, but was dissatisfied by it. Syd and Bris viewers, take my advice and don’t waste your time. As for the pun-heavy, so-bad-it’s-good Not Going Out, I’ve already seen up to the end of S2 on DVD. I might tune in if they continue with S3 though.

  5. Have Australian television viewers done something horribly wrong to deserve this kind of punnishment from channel 7, whatever we’ve done please for the love of god dont put this horrible british show back on the air

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