Airdate: Raising Hope. Bumped: Modern Family. Returning: The Simpsons

Just when you thought we were all done and dusted with major programming changes until the end of the ratings year….

TEN has a number of sweeping changes to its schedule in the week of November 14 (the second last week of the survey year).

They are as follows:

Sun Nov 14
6:30pm Modern Family (rpt)
7:00pm Modern Family
7:30pm Junior MasterChef (90 mins)
9:00pm Offspring

Mon Nov 15
7:30pm Junior MasterChef (Final)
9:30pm Undercover Boss Australia
10:30pm TEN Late News

Tue Nov 16
9:30pm Good News Week

Wed Nov 17
7:30pm Modern Family (New night)
8:00pm Raising Hope (Premiere)

Thu Nov 18
7:30pm Bondi Vet (Final)

Fri Nov 19
7:30pm The All New Simpsons Hour

This leaves question marks over the future for Glee.

A premiere of a new comedy with just two weeks to go? Raising Hope may well be summer fare and is being bedded in.

Giving Modern Family a third night (from Tuesdays to Sundays to Wednesdays) is disappointing. Especially if it’s pausing with the end of ratings.


  1. I beleive that the Monday schedule will change back to the way it used to be after Jr Master Chef finishes.. Glee will replace it at 7:30pm and hopefully GNW and AU Undercover Boss will resume on the same night

  2. Glee is taking another week off in the US.
    Episode 6 ‘Never been Kissed’ is gonna air on Ten just hours after it airs in the US, just like it was before the Comm. Games messed it up.

    Calm down…..

  3. Saw the first episode of Raising Hope and it looked great. A 30 minute comedy sure – but with great supporting cast Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt. Make sure you catch it! Back to Back with Modern Family – awesome.

  4. Well I hope TEN is planning to bring Good News Week back on Mondays at 8:30pm because that is a much better timeslot than 9:30pm.
    And I hope they bring back Recruits.
    And what about new episodes/repeats of Rules of Engagement? That is a great show.

  5. The latest episode of Glee to air in the US was the “Rocky Horror” on 26 October. This airs on TEN this week – 3 November.
    The US did not air an episode on the 19 October.
    The US will not screen an episode on 2 November.
    Therefore when the “Rocky Horror” ep airs on TEN this week, TEN will have caught up with the US again after the 2 week hiatus over the Commonwealth Games period.

  6. This wednesday australia catches up to the US. The week after the next glee ep in the US is on Nov 9th..but it will be fast tracked to 10 to be shown on Wednesday. But I am so annoyed that channel 10 have decided to do this! It might be likely we get no new eps till next yr! You can’t really tell at this stage..

  7. At least last new Simpsons on 10 won’t go down in history as 6:30pm Friday.

    How the show has fallen from their saving grace in recent years. Season 21 couldn’t have had been given worse timeslots if they’d tried.

  8. David: speaking of programme changes on Ten, is there any word on when The Recruits will return? And also why it was taken off, without warning, in the first place?

  9. Why didn’t Ten just show Merlin on Sunday nights and save new Modern Family for a weeknight slot in the first place? I have trouble keeping up with all their changes.

  10. Hopefully Glee doesn’t disappear and Channel Ten continues to keep up with the US – I know they are having a few weeks off every now and again. I really hope that we get to see the Christmas episode before Christmas though!!! Stupid channel ten worrying us like this!

  11. @Daniel: “Glee’s going back to Sunday’s, remember last year”

    Can’t see that happening unless it were at 8:30.

    The situation with Glee is more complicated than any other show because of the music releases. Sony will almost without question release the next cast album before Christmas whether or not TEN have aired every episode it spans. But will they release the singles to digital download too? That’s an invidious position for them either way, so they’d lean on TEN to air sufficient eps.

  12. Yeah there is a break in Glee in the US would be stupid if Ten move Glee timeslot again. Would rather Goodwife move back to Sunday, don’t mind if it’s 9.30.
    Ten have gone overkill on Modern Family and has probably hurt it’s ratings. Love the show, but you can’t call it a classic episode when it first aired 2 months ago.
    But Raising Hope is my favourite new show. It’s brilliant. Hope it does well in here.

  13. Due to sport in the US, i speak of the World Series, Glee has next week off and i believe there might be another week off due to election speeches? So the break would be needed because of this.

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