Bumped: COPS L.A.C., CSI.

Bad news for Nine as the Kate Ritchie drama gets elbowed to a later timeslot.

It’s bad news for Nine’s newest drama.

COPS L.A.C. is being pushed back to 9:30pm from next week.

Nine will do a switcheroo with CSI which was due to return at 9:30pm.

Last night the show pulled a disappointing 684,000.

The move means it won’t compete anymore with Rush (although there is a double episode next week) and ABC’s upcoming Rake.

The outlook for a renewal for the Kate Ritchie drama isn’t bright.


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  1. I hope this motivates David Gyngell to look at who’s creating his shows and have a bit of a spring clean. This network learnt nothing from the inexcusibly bad Canal Road. Honestly. It should be better than this.

  2. It’s pretty clear Nine needs a drama rethink – their commissioned work needs to be more intelligent and more diverse. Silly, soapy storylines pretending to be serious drama just wont cut it anymore and Nine have 3 series of this rubbish in RSO, SP and LAC. What next – a family drama starring Lisa McCune?

  3. I think this is a sutble hint to TV networks – No more f***in Cop Shows! Australian TV Dramas do not just have to be police procedurals, despite the success Blue Heelers and Homicide.

    Try something different …

    1. Dylan: police, legal and medical dramas will always be the backbone of adult procedurals here and internationally for many reasons I have previously detailled. But yes there is also room for more melodrama as Rafters and Offspring are exploring. Nine having Cops at the same time as Rescue has seemed a little odd.

  4. Looks like Rush wins that victory…so much for the ‘ COPS destroys Rush’ headlines after ep1…that didn’t last long. I just hope that piece of crap ” beauty and the geek” doesn’t steal all the Rush viewers though. I dont think the ” move length” episode of Rush will do wll…its just 2 eps hacked together.

  5. It was just a matter of time, but I’m surprised they didn’t wait an extra week for the post Com Games ratings, will it be any better pushing it back an hour since most of it;s potential fan base will be in the middle of a double Rush ep.

    Do we know how many eps were made/ordered?

  6. Was expecting this. CSI is better at 8:30pm on Thursday, it did well there last yr against Rush. Cops is not a bad show, but it isn’t the best. Good that Nine is playing it out as long as it has. Cops shouldn’t get a 2nd season with these ratings plus I am happy with Rescue, Underbelly and Sea Patrol. If a 2nd season was to happen maybe have Cops follow Underbelly otherwise Rescue would be a better fit.

  7. I have an idea for a new showon Channel 9. It’s called Legal Medical Police. They will shoot you (if they must), medically treat you (at the seen), and prosecute you (at the Downing Centre).

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