CBS pick-ups good news for Aussie networks

CBS has picked up 5 of its new titles for full seasons, with three going to TEN and two to Nine.

CBS has picked up 5 of its new titles for full seasons.

They are:

Hawaii Five-O with Alex O’Loughlin (TEN).

Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck (TEN).

The Defenders with Jim Belushi (TEN).

Mike & Molly by Chuck Lorre (Nine).

S#*! My Dad Says with William Shatner (Nine).

TEN has three of the titles, which it adds to Raising Hope from FOX.

David Mott, chief programming officer said, “I’m thrilled but not surprised. For the past two years we have arguably had the strongest programs to come out of the US as part of our output deals, most recently Modern Family, The Good Wife, NCIS: Los Angeles and Glee. This year is the same.”

Hawaii 5-0, The Defenders, Raising Hope and Blue Bloods have all struck a chord with the US and they should, they represent good drama and big entertainment. Their inclusion in our 2011 schedule complements our existing proven performers, both from the US and domestically.”

Meanwhile FOX is developing a spin-off from Bones to be based on The Locator series of two books written by Richard Greener. Walter Sherman aka “the Locator” is described as an eccentric, obstreperous and amusing reclusive man in his late 20s-30s with highly sought after abilities to find anything.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I have seen all the eps of H50 and I love it. The cast works really well together with some terrific story’s, writing and action. Would be great for Ten to start airing the eps here before Christmas. It is great to see Alex O’Loughlin back on TV.

  2. I’ve seen all episodes of Hawaii Five 0 and they are great,hope Channel Ten really gets behind it …great writing and wonderful cast.
    I’m a big Alex O’Loughlin fan, he is wonderful as Steve McGarrett but I’ve got to give kudos to Scott Cann he does a wonderful job as Danno.

  3. Does it even matter? TEN will simply flood their line-up with various MasterChef spin-offs, Junior, Celebrity, All-Star, Second Chance, Epic, Junior Celebrity, Evil, USA, Hot Kitchen, etc… are just Some prefixes they could put before the word “MasterChef. when you factor in low rating locally made shows they refuse to cancel, Offspring, GNW, Rush, plus the already good-rating stalwarts NCIS, Modern Family, Glee they’ve filled about 15 hours of primetime, that’s 7 hours left, and another 2-3 is taken up because of Friday.

  4. Some people will probably disagree with me, but Hawaii 5-0 is great. I don’t think much of remakes, but I think it’s really working, it has that great storytelling and humour that early series of NCIS had, but IMHO has lost since Donald P left. But anyway, glad I can look forward to more eps!

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