Gone: New Adventures of Old Christine

GEM has removed multiple screenings of The New Adventures of Old Christine from its schedule to be replaced by old episodes of The Nanny.

This take effect from 6pm Sunday October 17 and continues 10am, 6pm and late nights (usually at 11:30pm) daily.


  1. enough already of these continuous repeats. I’ve been enjoying Christine. I don’t mind the nanny in the afternoon on weekends, but everyday, this is just too much fran fine

  2. This show should be changed to Poor Old Christine with the way it has been treated by the 9 group of channels. Foxtel moved it around also and I guess they have to wait for the FTA to finish screening before starting again.

    I really enjoyed the show love Wanda Sykes and Christine’s brother funny. I am now having fear’s for Drop Dead Diva on Go!.

    Let this be a lesson to 11 when it starts keep the shows on a let the series run through.

  3. I like The Nanny, but like everyone else said its been done to death on GO! w
    hich I’ve seen some episodes the same 3 times this year.

    I just think they need to do something alot better with GEM. More movies would be good and good TV shows from the beginning.

  4. Noooooo. I like AOC. Nanny so dated and creepy to see the little girl back on the telly now she is shagging old men on Californication and girl on girl snogging on Heroes.

    trey creepee

  5. freedom fighter

    cutting edge, high definition digital tv programming once again Not brought to you by Channel Nine. they’ve really got a handle on this multi channel thing, haven’t they? Channel Nine, your programming is an absolute joke!!

  6. Surley there is something else in the valt to put on
    as mentioned previously,what about MTM or maude,munsters than the same stuff already on
    Surprised Bewithed is not on again
    christine was ok,slowley getting better But the nanny has been done to death by ten and GO

  7. I love The Nanny. One of the best sitcoms of the 90s for me. Up there with Seinfeld and Friends. But showing on two channels is overload. I don’t have HD, so don’t get GEM btw.

  8. Annoying!! Christine was ok, watchable, but the Nanny…urgh. Not happy! Oh well, back to The Simpsons – would rather see the same ep of Simpsons 1000 times than have to hear “Mr Sheeeefffeeeeiiiiilllldddd” screeching at me!

  9. Will The Nanny still screen nine times a week on GO!? If so, Nanny-overload! This is even coming from a devotee of the series.

    If I could, I would make GO! a HD channel and keep its CW-vibe to Nine’s CBS. The NRL and The Ashes could air in HD on GO!
    Gem would become a classic TV channel. Keep its classic films and move all ‘classic’ televsion programs to Gem and all ‘new’ content on Gem to GO! such as Wife Swap USA and The Secret Millionaire USA.

  10. This show also was on Foxtel , obscurely on the W channel and then moved to Arena and disappeared again. The show doesn’t get a fair go anywhere. Poor Christine .

  11. Was enjoying this. Ended up recording it at 6 and watching later and for the last week and a half, it was a replacement for Neighbours for me. While it is disappointing that Gem won’t show season 5 straight away, I have an extra 3 1/2 hrs in primetime to get through other shows returning like NCIS, CSI, Two & A Half Men, Modern Family, Medium, The Mentalist and The Big Bang Theory.

  12. Someone needs to explain how replacing ancient reruns of one bad show with exactly the same thing makes any overall difference.

    However given the choice, I would not have chosen more of that nasal dimwit.

  13. OFMG Nine just air the show! Its finishes now just play it out somewhere, anywhere I don’t care just finish it!

    Well actually I don’t care because I have every episode but it would be good to see the Season finished on Australian TV.

    So is The Nanny remaining on Go? I hope so; I like the Saturday / Sunday afternoon slot on Go!

    So Gem, Nine and Go are now all just rehashes of the same channel?

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