Returning: CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami returns to Nine as part of a refreshed Monday night line-up that includes new Two and a Half Men and The Mentalist.

CSI: Miami returns to Nine from October 25.

It joins a refreshed Monday night line-up that includes new Two and a Half Men and The Mentalist.

7.30pm: Two and a Half Men
8.00pm: Two and a Half Men (rpt)
8.30pm: The Mentalist
9.30pm: CSI Miami

Melbourne begins with Series 9 but elsewhere is still catching up on the end of series eight. This is due to Melbourne playing episodes of the show when it couldn’t air Underbelly‘s first season (Yep it’s still having a ricochet effect).

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  1. Would be great for Nine to return CSI NY as we are a season and a bit behind however I am glad both CSI and CSI Miami are being fast-tracked despite being a month behind the US but will catch up if there are any breaks in coming weeks. Doubt they will continue into summer but with the ratings for the franchise being lower these days, they should. CSI Miami had new eps last summer and so did CSI NY.

    Nine should follow new 2 1/2 Men and Big Bang Theory with Mike and Molly and $%#@ my dad says, maybe in November but who knows. Where else can these shows go? Sundays is factuals, 60 Minutes and movies/ Sherlock, Tuesdays is Top Gear and Survivor, Thursday is Getaway, Cops and CSI, Fridays is factuals and movies while Saturdays is Home Videos and Hey Hey. We shouldn’t have to wait til summer for them.

    The good thing about holding off of these shows til now and in coming weeks is that Spencer Gulf and Broken Hill viewers do not miss out on as much as they could have if shows came back sooner.

  2. Don’t hold your breath about CSI NY season 5 and 6 coming back on any time soon. I have given up on ch9 showing it and bought the DVD instead.

    Just put it on GO! or even GEM, I don’t care just show it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also good news about CSI Miami coming back.

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