Soft bidding on Warnie

Nine’s finale of The Block was never going to hit the heights of its former series, but Nine will be happy with results it netted in a multichannel environment.

The show pulled 1.3m for the bulk of its broadcast and 1.71 for the Winner Announced. That compares with preliminary figures for The X Factor finale this week of 1.36 / 1.63m.

But more concerningly Warnie’s debut of 854,000 was very soft, given it’s huge lead in. It pulled more viewers in Melbourne (302,000) to Sydney (264,000) but after all the hype it’s not a particularly good debut. Next week it has no big lead-in, but does shift to an earlier timeslot and the summer competition is weaker.

Elsewhere last night The Zoo: Australia’s Biggest Baby was 981,000 for Seven and the final City Homicide for the year was 887,000 against The Block finale. Strictly speaking, Seven’s cop drama beat Warnie– but they were only head to head for around 20 minutes.

TEN got a whipping from Nine with the ever-popular Modern Family down to 893,000, Raising Hope on 761,000 and The Good Wife at 617,000.

Qi was 682,000 for ABC1 while The Librarians had to settle for 489,000. The final At The Movies for the year was 258,000.

An Inspector Rex repeat was 178,000 for SBS ONE.

With 7mate and 7TWO doing well, it gave the Seven Network just enough edge to win the night.

Just three more days to go.

Week 48


  1. I agree, The Librarians isn’y a very well written comedy. People must feel that because it is unpopular with the masses it is a smart show, much the same way the Emmy and Oscar voters think. At least the “smart” shows that win Emmys are usually popular with the youth. I somehow doubt The Librarians is.

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    @ steveany – “the ratings are low because it is poorly written and acted garbage that belongs on Channel 9.”

    Two And A Half Men is poorly written and acted garbage that belongs on Channel 9, and its ratings turned out ok. Try again.

  3. I love The Librarians but I’ve got to say the current series is borderline dull. No laughs and long drawn out scenes. The writers forgot that the show needs to be funny.

  4. Denton isn’t going to do Enough Rope again, but it was extremely foolish for ABC not to ask him if he’d mind nominating any suitable replacement hosts to take over from him.

    The best thing about The Librarians is actor Roz Hammond who should be working overseas, but I agree that it’s utter garbage.

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