Soft bidding on Warnie

Nine’s finale of The Block was never going to hit the heights of its former series, but Nine will be happy with results it netted in a multichannel environment.

The show pulled 1.3m for the bulk of its broadcast and 1.71 for the Winner Announced. That compares with preliminary figures for The X Factor finale this week of 1.36 / 1.63m.

But more concerningly Warnie’s debut of 854,000 was very soft, given it’s huge lead in. It pulled more viewers in Melbourne (302,000) to Sydney (264,000) but after all the hype it’s not a particularly good debut. Next week it has no big lead-in, but does shift to an earlier timeslot and the summer competition is weaker.

Elsewhere last night The Zoo: Australia’s Biggest Baby was 981,000 for Seven and the final City Homicide for the year was 887,000 against The Block finale. Strictly speaking, Seven’s cop drama beat Warnie– but they were only head to head for around 20 minutes.

TEN got a whipping from Nine with the ever-popular Modern Family down to 893,000, Raising Hope on 761,000 and The Good Wife at 617,000.

Qi was 682,000 for ABC1 while The Librarians had to settle for 489,000. The final At The Movies for the year was 258,000.

An Inspector Rex repeat was 178,000 for SBS ONE.

With 7mate and 7TWO doing well, it gave the Seven Network just enough edge to win the night.

Just three more days to go.

Week 48


  1. @steveany. I don’t know how you can say some of those things. Yes, each to their own taste. But for it to be in its third season you have to concede it has been a hit to get there, not belonging on channel 9. And many believe that the third season has been as good as and even better than the previous two which for any show is a great feet. The fact we are discussing it in a thread about Warnie is more to the point about the cross section of the community that have at some stage attempted to enjoy. But I do think it is one of the smartest comedies in the history of aussie television. You have to be focused on the screen at all time otherwise you miss some of the funniest bits. You have to emerse yourself, but also you have to enjoy that type of comedy. And we all do! Bring on a fourth season, maybe it has to do with the timeslot, as it used to be on at 9pm…

  2. @ Leigh H
    a) My apologies to you for having voiced my opinion. My bad.
    b) The Librarians goes ‘over my head’ at about the same altitude as The Benny Hill Show did.
    c) Let’s agree to disagree and get back to mutually loathing the Warnie Show so we can be friends again.

  3. I agree, I’ve never been able to sit through an episode of The Librarians (including the first episode on it’s début – but just don’t think it’s that good

  4. I love the Librarians – it is so anarchic in a bizarre way. Frances is just so bad she is fantastic. Butler is a genius as is her hubby Wayne Hope. I crack up everytime Dawn (Heidi Arena) gives one of her twitches. Mother is a classic. 3rd series has been the best, inmy op, they seem to have just let it off its leash!

  5. OMG steveany you need to watch the librarians from the first ep – it is extremely well written and acted, a very intelligent comedy. Maybe it’s over your head.

  6. Didn’t watch Warne. Hope he gets the axe.
    Genuinely sad about Modern Family.
    But the reason I’m weighing in is because of the 3 comments below praising ‘The Librarians’ and wondering why it’s ratings are so low.
    News flash- the ratings are low because it is poorly written and acted garbage that belongs on Channel 9.

  7. Gave Warnie a chance. The introduction was a concern. The interview with Packer was excruciating. “yeah yeah thanks mate” they spent half the time thanking each other. How much research went into those questions?? Denton needs to bring enough Rope back… badly.

    and whats with that opening. Driving a car? playing at a casino? Lame-o-rama

    channel 10. I havent seen Modern Family for a good month – when’s it on again???

  8. I watched Modern Family last night but am not surprised by the low ratings due to the amount of times it has been shuffled around the schedule (as many others have said). Having said that I think the line up for Ten this week has been really good so far, had programs stayed in their current slots all year without change I imagine the audience rewarding Ten with strong ratings week in week out. Warnie proved my preconceived ideas about sports men (especially cricket, AFL, NRL) being moronic – why do we continue to celebrate Neanderthals in this country.

  9. David, i love your little comment at the bottom of this post. ‘Just three more days to go’. You’d be pretty exhausted at this time of the year, and with some heavily debated programs having concluded this last week or two, you must have been doing a lof of moderating, Hang in there, we appreciate your tireless work to bring us all the great content.

  10. @Matt F I agree. I love Modern Family, but the way TEN keeps moving it around and showing “classic” episodes makes it hard to follow. I just think they maybe better off showing a double ep of Season 2 and should of saved the Season 1 episodes to show again (in order) over the summer.

    I watched a bit of Warnie …. I found it a bit cringe worthy. Not sure if this is night time viewing ..

  11. @Anon. I hope the abc give it a fourth season as well because it is a great aussie comedy, one of the best. And the quality hasn’t fallen, only the viewing figures for some reason….

  12. @ Ben I totally agree, The Librarians is an awesome aussie show, yet it the ratings for it just keep getting worse and worse.
    Hopefully the ABC sees how good it is and gives it a Fourth Season

  13. Can’t believe Nine would give Warne his own show. Well i can because it’s the bogan channel. But they really overestimated his appeal. Warne would probably be just a notch above Mundine.
    So how long was the Winner Announced?? Was it 9 minutes long, cos that’s pathetic, 1.3million, but they shorten the length and count it as a separate program and voila 1.7 million looks so much better.

  14. I expect dud ratings for Warnie to continue as Nine has worked out yet that they have overestimated Shane Warne’s appeal.

    While he does have his fans, he is also a figure of repulsion to a lot of viewers, especially females. Which isn’t good to attract viewers to a family time slot.

    Maybe he needs to be more beige Mark Nicolas style?

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