Update: Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds, Survivor

Nine has just amended its schedule for tonight, November 30th, that brings forward several shows:

7:30pm Top Gear rpt.
8:40pm Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds
9:40pm Survivor: Nicaragua
10:40pm Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares rpt
11:35pm Til Death (rpt for Melb).


  1. @Anthony Mai, EPG is Electronic Program Guide. It’s basically so the networks can get away with lying to viewers about program times because they can simply say oh well we changed the EPG 15 minutes before the show was scheduled to start saying it would be 10 minutes late.

    Survivor back to 10.00 next week. Thanks for nothing Nine. Still the one who sucks the most.

  2. Lol, i still don’t know what EPG stands for…


    There’s a Leslie Nielsen tribute this Friday (“Flying High” & “Naked Gun”) which means no Go Girls at 10.30pm!!!!! I’m so sad!! There’s only a few eps left and I’ve got to wait an extra week. Last week’s ep was awesome! It was my sister’s first time seeing the show and she’s hooked…

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    @chk chk – that would work for me but Top Gear is rating too well for them to take it off.

    @Trent – you’re right. And what are ratings? – They are a measure of how many people watch a channel at any one time. It would be a bizarre world if the commercial networks didn’t care about ratings.

  4. I’ve been a Survivor junkie since S8 (Pearl Islands) and this is my least favourite season of all time! I only want Benry to win because he’s kinda cute and has a cute name which barely enough is reason to cheer.

  5. Thankyou David, I wouldve tuned in at 9.00 and been angry that id missed half the show, though knowing nine and their overruns it will probably start close to 9.00 anyway. . .

  6. @Craig Probably not because it is Ch 9 and all they care about is ratings. But you never know sometimes.

    There is some pictures on the net of the special, looks good.

  7. Survivor should be brought forward to 7:30 like they did last summer. They’re better off showing new content than repeats, like we have seen in the last two days of summer ratings.

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