ONE SD is no more

ONE SD is no longer broadcasting, now replaced with around-the-clock-promotion for ELEVEN.

ONE SD is no longer broadcasting, now replaced with around-the-clock-promotion for ELEVEN.

The channel had been a standard-definition broadcast of the high-definition broadcast of the 24 hour sports channel since March 2009.

Now ONE can only be seen on digital channels 1 and 12.

Channel 11 carries promotions for new shows Dexter, Supernatural, The Office, Smallville, Nurse Jackie, 90210, Neighbours, Californication and more, with several using a slew of OMG and phone text-style promos.

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  1. Vaughan, same same but different. IQ2 costs more than IQ, so eventually getting a separate HD recorder pays for itself. You only need IQ2 if you specifically want to record the Foxtel HD channels, otherwise getting a separate recorder ends up being cheaper.

  2. No VCR – I’m Using Foxtel IQ to record. Technically speaking with this change I would need IQ2 (which is HD but $15 more a month).

    VCR is just a little too far gone these days. If I wanted to record TV I’d use a PC 😉

  3. Vaughan, from the sounds of it I guess you have a VCR? (you’re recording, but don’t have a PVR) As someone already said, getting a STB will solve the problem – they can be set to analogue/SD output (the whole idea – display digital pictures on analogue TV) so you’d still be able to record on VCR. VCR’s won’t be supported forever, so at some point you’re gonna need a digital recorder anyway. I recommend the Panasonics, especially the Blu-ray if you can afford it. If you compare it to what it would cost to upgrade to Foxtel HD it eventually pays for itself by not having to do so.

  4. HD isn’t the problem – I have a HD Bravia.

    But with Foxtel you obviously have to pay extra to get HD content – and until now they offerred One SD and One HD.

    Because I don’t always want to be up at 3am to watch the F1 face in Brazil for example – this is where being able to record Ond SD on Foxtel was handy.

    To do this now I either need a PVR or to upgrade Foxtel to the HD subscription.

  5. How can anyone say they feel ripped off with One (SD) disappearing? Thats why they called the channel ONE HD!!! You’d have to be pretty daft to not make the link and get an HD box if you like it that much

  6. David does Network Ten still have the Nickelodeon Contract? If yes will any of Nickelodeon content which ten has make it on to 11? Or are there any children’s shows planned to air on 11 next year. I ask this because of how disappointing ABC3 is. i know that ABC has financial contraints but i still want some classic shows which they used to have but don’t anymore. i guess because i am a bit of a nostalgic.

  7. This is bulls*!t.

    One SD was great becuase you could record the sports events on there through Foxtel IQ and not have to watch them live. This was handy for the F1 which can sometimes be on at impractical times.

    Now to get this for the upcoming season I’ll have to upgrade to Foxtel HD which is a joke in terms of price.

    I do hope this is not permanent.

  8. @Andy

    I had same problem – but if you can manually select 11 then you may have to not only rescan… but ensure you delete all the channels first. Something to do with the way the scan picks up channels. Scanning did not work for me. Wiping and scanning did.

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