Airdate: The Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show will air on Channel Seven from Monday January 31st.

Another of the television discoveries of Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Mehmet Oz will now air head to head on Free to Air at 2pm weekdays. The show already airs on Pay TV.

As well as being a TV host, Oz is also a bestselling author and cardiac surgeon.

Named by Forbes as the third most influential celebrity in 2010, the iconic and Daytime Emmy Award winning host, Dr. Oz, delights and enchants his audiences by providing cutting-edge health and wellbeing information in an upbeat and entertaining way.

The Dr Oz Show covers a diverse range of topics from weight loss and staying young to relationships, sex and stress management and attracts millions of eyeballs each week across the world.

Nothing is off limits or out of bounds in this “embarrassment-free” multi-topic hour.

Monday, January 31:
“Battle Of The Sexes: The Science Behind Why You Hate Your Mate!”

Tuesday, February 1:
“The Next Pandemic: What You Need To Know To Be Prepared!”

Wednesday, February 2:
“The Fountain Of Youth: Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Secrets”

Thursday, February 3:
“Secrets From The Grave: How To Avoid The Most Preventable Deaths In Women Over 40”

Friday, February 4:
“Dr. Oz Medical Exclusive: Operation Kidney Swap”



  1. Dr Oz’s show I am enquiring about was Monday 15 August 2011, Australia. He was discussing a home made spray to kill bacteria in the kitchen and I think he said half water and half white vinegar. Was this correct please.

  2. Anita Winter

    My mum was watching Dr Oz show on Wednesday 4 May and missed the informationr elating lavendar oil in prevention of hairloss and was wondering if you could let me know what was discussed in relation to this? eg How long would you need to keep on scalp or if you need to dillute the oil?
    Please help
    I sont have access to this information apart from my email address. No internet at home
    Kind regards

  3. I can’t believe all these people complaining about watching this show this is an important show that teaches us the ins and outs of our mind and bodys with fantastic tips and the ability to learn so much to help others and ourselves ….. But no you are worrying about frr to air and repeats and all this non important crap and worry about missing out on repeats of your favourite shows grow up and watch somthing that really helps you learn about our beautiful mind and body… and if you don’t like these show’s get off you backside and change the channel some of us want to learn interesting stuff…….

  4. Another show that doubles up and some people pay for access to see this show and now it will be free for everyone. Here we go again. It couldnt be Regis and Kelly Live or something exclusive for Channel 7 , just borrow from Foxtel again. I can see nothing is changing this year….

  5. Hi there david,

    I noticed you wrote that this show will start Monday 1st February but that is wrong. It is Tuesday 1st February.

    or did you mean Monday 31st January…you may want to change the date or you’ll confuse people

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