Bumped: Conviction Kitchen, Returning: Parenthood

Here we go….

Seven is moving Conviction Kitchen to the timeslot where it was originally set to air: 8:30pm Mondays.

It takes up residence on Monday March 7th (which will air against This is Your Life and House [to be confirmed] in case you had forgotten!).

This frees up a 9:30 timeslot for Parenthood to return.

Here endeth the double Bones eps.


  1. I guess Ch7 were hoping a fair proportion of the massive Rafters audience would stick around to sample Conviction Kitchen and then hopefully stay with it in the new timeslot.

  2. Yes a two week break is ok. Remember, Parenthood’s new season started at the end of last year, we saw four eps before Christmas.Then two eps when all the shows returned this year. So it was five weeks ahead of the other shows like B&S, Greys and Housewives. Will be glad to see it back though, love the Rafters/Parenthood double.

  3. As it should be, but why would you make changes for two weeks, randomly taking off Parenthood for no real good reason just to change it back again. I agree with Bogues, why not just wait that extra two weeks? But it doesn’t matter to me now Parenthood is back where it should be!

  4. Glad Parenthood is back. I thought there were only 13 episodes left in season 2, but pleased to see it is 22…glad it’s back where it belongs. Seven are silly sometimes….

  5. is there really only 6 episodes of CK?
    i agree with richotb then, winners & losers fits into the mood of the night, with b&s following at 9.30.
    great news that parenthood will be back!

  6. “Here endeth…” Someone’s a Buffy fan LOL

    Wait so Parenthood is staying on Tuesdays after the Rafters? This is good news.

    I know Seven has been promoting Winners and Losers but I’m thinking/hoping it it put after the Raters only when Parenthood ends the season, but that won’t be for about 3 months.

  7. Haha awesome, i’m so happy now! Parenthood is back where it belongs! This is how it should’ve been next week, but i’m happy to wait another week. Hopefully “here endeth” the Parenthood amendments and it stays put on Tuesday as it always has.

  8. Why they just didn’t wait two weeks to show CK on Monday’s to begin with, I don’t understand.

    At least Ms Bogues will be happy that Parenthood returns in just over a week.

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