Bumped: Undercover Boss USA

TEN brings NCIS into Monday whilst also changing Friday plans for Law & Order: UK and Medium.

TEN has responded to its figures for Undercover Boss USA by moving the show from Monday to Friday night next week.

Last night the show was fourth in its timeslot on 608,000 viewers.

Monday’s episode “Norweigan Cruise Lines” will now air at 8:30pm Friday February 18th.

It will be replaced by a new episode of NCIS -now set to air both Monday and Tuesday next week.

TEN has also changed plans for Law & Order: UK and Medium to air on Friday 18th.

Instead, following Undercover Boss USA it will now return the original Law and Order franchise at 9:30pm. This will be the 20th and final season of Law and Order.

No word yet for plans on Law & Order: UK or Medium.

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  1. They should stop persisting with Undercover Boss and put Good News Week back on at 8:30pm Mondays through to 10pm and find something else to fill an hour till the late News.It is a good show otherwise but like anything else could do with a rest.

  2. I really like Undercover Boss and sad to see it moved. I agree with Bones, Four Corners, Underbelly it is tough competition and I really don’t think any show could rate more than that.

    Friday night is a bad clash I watch the 7two lineup. It’s a pity they don’t put Undercover Boss on at 7:30pm as I think it would be good following 7pm Project.

  3. I read in ten’s interview with David here earlier this month that they were interested in airing The Defenders ‘at the top of the year’. I can see them airing it in the 8.30 slot here, they can’t air double NCIS forever and really have little else to air in it’s place

  4. @vinny That was probably the point. I know I’d rather watch a new episode rather than one I have on DVD already.

    Annoying it also airs at the same time as the Tudors on ABC2.

    I’m annoyed though, make up your minds 10, put NCIS on Monday or Tuesday, one or the other not both (I’d prefer Monday so I can watch Good Game.) They didn’t even wait for it to fail on air before pulling Medium and L&O: UK.

  5. @ Vinny – dun dun!

    @ AA – I think Ten were trying to skip ahead as thats the ep were the boss got caught out. Probarly hoping it would draw more viewers in.

    I agree its time Ten gave the show a rest for a bit.

  6. Also Ten looks like to have skipped over the “ABM Industries” and “Johnny Rockets” episodes of Undercover Boss and instead decides to show the Norwegian Cruise Lines ep instead.

    And it’s great to see episodes from the last ever season of the original L&O

  7. I knew this would be coming. Why not Ten can move Law & Order UK and Medium to Eleven? As for NCIS, I thought this will be a bad move, since tonight they are showing episodes 8 and 9 tonight and episodes 9 and 10 next week, Ten will play all the episodes and then they will show repeats? I think the original Law and Order should be on after GNW and a repeat episode of NCIS should continue to screen on its Friday night slot like in 2010. Seven should stop airing Bones twice a week and should be only on once a week, at the traditional time of Sundays 8:30pm and put something else on Monday 8:30pm.

  8. So that’s the first big amendment of the ratings year. What will be next, I think either NCIS:LA, or live from planet earth.

    This will be the only time (atleast that I can remember) that new bones and NCIS have been against each other, the top 2 us dramas on Aus tv.

  9. Don’t be too surprised to see Medium pop up in the not too distant future.

    It won’t come to Eleven but won’t surprise me if Law and Order UK and Medium appear on a Saturday night.

    NCIS twice a week is a bad move; they will burn through those episodes so quickly hopefully it is only for one week to give the exposure to GNW which people seemed to have forgotten about last night.

  10. I dont understand why ten are presisting with Undercover Boss. The show or timeslot isnt the problem. It just needs a rest, its been played non stop for close to 8 months. Its quite a repeative format and there is only so much people can take. Thats why border security has a rest in the year, otherwise it just becomes same old. As for NCIS, along with Bones i dont understand why new eps of the top 2 rating US crime dramas are being burned off 2 nights a week, on the plus, i now have something to watch monday

  11. Very disappointing Ten. You announce plans to air a program (Medium) and include it in print (TV Week) but then after-wards drop it from schedule. 🙁 Why can’t Medium be shown on Eleven?

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