Airdate: Heston’s Mission Impossible

Seven will premiere Heston’s Mission Impossible at 7:30pm Thursday April 7th in place of How I Met Your Mother.

The one hour show sees the British cook tackling the kitchens of British corporates and government bodies.

He begins at British Airways and a week later turns his attention to the Royal Navy.

Chef Heston Blumenthal will take on British Airways and use his maverick genius to solve their culinary problems. He experiences their existing service firsthand – both as a customer and an employee – before the management outline their concerns. Can Heston dramatically transform their food production and overall business, while cooking without a kitchen and working with untrained staff?

The timeslot will directly compete with an SBS foodie timeslot, the channel which previously aired Heston’s Feast.


  1. Great show.
    Its a challenge and he wouldn’t do it unless he believed in providing better healthier alternatives. So no, i don’t think he is self indulgent at all.
    Its fascinating and educational.
    Boo hoo, Shows like “how i met your mother” can be viewed and churned out for eons. If you cant wait a few weeks to get your american sitcom hit, just turn the channel. They are plastered over the airwaves.
    Well done channel 7, like Heston you are giving the viewers a break from junk food sitcoms and serving them something healthy to watch.

  2. I can’t believe they axed How I Met Your Mother one the best show’s on TV for another bloody cooking show. Who cares about airplane food. I diffenitly won’t be watching. Good on you channel Seven the took off the show that was any goon on your channel……………

  3. What another cooking show? What is it with these people? The recession and poverty must have really hit hard if they keep resorting to these cooking shows in order to save a dime.

  4. @ Mucho TB, they ain’t trying to do a Gordon Ramsay, they are trying to flood the market and hope that some cooking show fatigue sets in before Masterchef returns after Easter!

  5. they should just play repeats of HIMYM until after easter when episodes are available so the show doesn’t lose momentum over the break. Then Heston can replace MKR on Mon&Tues over easter. hopefully 7 dont do those documentaries over easter again this year that was a disaster last year.

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