Airdate: Million Dollar Drop

Nine’s new game show Million Dollar Drop, hosted by Eddie McGuire, will premiere next week at 8:30pm Monday, the traditional slot where Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? proved so successful.

The show takes the place of the Eddie McGuire-hosted This is Your Life, which is a series of specials in 2011.

Nine also indicates it follows new Two and a Half Men episodes at both 7:30pm and 8:00pm -burning off the last of Charlie Sheen while $#*! My Dad Says rests?

Based on the highly successful UK format, The Million Dollar Drop is a drama-packed game show that keeps contestants and audiences on the edge of their seats. Two contestants work as a team to take on one of the most difficult challenges of their lives – keeping One Million Dollars in real cash, tantalisingly stacked up in front of them as they begin.

Each team must face eight questions which have optional answers – and get eight answers right to win up to $1 million.

For the first question, they have to risk the entire $1 million. They can plonk it all on one answer, or spread it over three of four options. If they get this answer right, they go on risking all their money on subsequent questions until they reach the eighth and final one.

There are only two optional answers for the last question. In a sudden-death decision, all the cash remaining has to go on one answer. If it’s correct, the contestants take home up to $1 million.

The Million Dollar Drop is a high-stakes heart-stopper full of nail-biting tension. To add to the drama, money placed on wrong answers disappears literally before the contestants’ eyes – plunging down the Money Drop.

Eddie McGuire will take the reins of this gripping one-hour game show which is produced by Southern Star at Docklands Studios in Melbourne.

“There are a lot of shows these days that offer the chance for contestants to work their way up to a million bucks, but this is the only program where the participants start with a million in cash, right before their eyes,” McGuire said.

“If they play their cards right, they walk away with one million big ones. It’s as simple as that.”

The set for The Million Dollar Drop is one of the largest ever constructed for a game show in Australia, filling much of the 950 square metre studio.

Contestants are perched on a deck four metres off the ground. The audience is elevated even higher, with the top row of seating a vertigo-inducing 5.4 metres high.

It took a team of 65 workers 10 days to assemble the set, which weighs in at more than 12 tonnes.

Eight security guards are on set at all times during filming, keeping a careful eye on the $1 million.

The Million Dollar Drop is now broadcasting in more than 15 countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Israel.


  1. I would like some information on how to be a contestant on Million Dollar Drop Australia.The show looks like a lot of fun that my wife and i could give the Drop a run for the money.