Seven to serve up Wimbledon

Wimbledon is set to return to Free to Air Television on Channel Seven.

Seven today announced it has signed an agreement with The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in a multiple-year deal.

Seven will have first selection on the ‘best two matches’ of each day’s play through to and including the quarter-finals plus exclusive coverage of the singles semi-finals and finals and doubles finals in the Ladies’ and Men’s Championships.

A statement says, “Seven is planning extensive coverage of the Championships across its digital broadcast television platform in primetime, which will include live telecasts from the start of play on one of its multi-channels.”

Mick Desmond, Commercial Director of The All England Club, said: “We are delighted to be announcing this partnership with Seven. This agreement allows sports fans across Australia to enjoy Seven’s creative approach to bringing alive the stories and the colour of The Championships, while the development of multi-media and wireless platforms will provide viewers with an improved choice of how to access all the on and off court action and drama.”

Seven’s Head of Sport, Saul Shtein added: “Wimbledon is one of the world’s great sports events and Seven looks forward to being the network that delivers Australians the broadest possible coverage of The Championships on broadcast television.”

Seven is currently in discussions with the Office of the Minister for Communications on its broadcast plans for Wimbledon ahead of the new anti-siphining list being legislated.

Wimbledon was previously broadcast on Free to Air by Nine which ended its association last June after claiming it was no longer rating well. It has also screened on FOX Sports.

This year’s Championship commences on 20 June.


  1. I can’t believe that Channel 7 thinks we would prefer to wantch a repeat of Castle rather than the mens final at Wimbledon. Australia is a sports mad country – and not only when there’s an Australian in the competition. Despite what the TV commentators seem to think, we do actually want to watch the competition even when all the Ozzies are out. Thank god Murray went out in the semis. The Poms would have caused a riot if he was in the final and they couldn’t watch it.

  2. Channel 7 you are completely destroying Wimbledon with the repetitive and nauseating adverts. Come on Channel 7 give us a break and let us enjoy the event. The atmosphere, commentary etc is lost. Wake up you are so behind the times!!!!!

  3. Bernice O'Connell

    Why wasn’t the whole replay of the Women’s final shown last night? I sat there in the cold propping my eyes open to stay awake until 10.30 . Eureka, one love game, the final game , was all that was showed! Shame on you. Couldn’t you even do a replay? This is the Final of the greatest tournament of the year you know.

    I guess we are in for more of the same tonight. Couldn’t you just show the whole game tonight and treat your viewers with a bit more courtesy. This is Wimbledon you know. Even in the days of black and white TV we would see the whole game.

    Give the country watcher a fair go.

  4. Congrats Channel 7…your coverage of Wimbleton has taken “crap” to the highest level ever. I have to admit I have never seen anything so pathetic. We are talking about 2 weeks out of the year. How many days a week is the Today Show on from America? And I have to ask…who cares about it? And yes, I can see why you would stop coverage to show an AFL Replay. And why do you bother promoting the biggest games if your not going to show them? eg the Andy Murray match! Maybe you should take some time to check your priorities. Oh I’m have more important things to worry about at channel 7 like do we have a joke of the day or not. This years Wimbleton is screwed already and I hope channel 9 gets it back next year.

  5. Major sporting events deserve to be shown at their best. Put it on 73 and lets get a decent picture in HD. In this day and age with the technology that is available seems crazy not to use it. Channel 7, get your act together.

  6. Channel 9 have lost the plot when it comes to sports coverage, good on channel 7 for picking Wimbeldon up… For all the whingers about delayed coverage etc, there is something called the internet and live streaming sports (, look it up!!

  7. good to see, channel 9 don’t deserve any sporting events , hopeless cricket coverage,can’t even have live coverage of league Sunday games. Hope Seven do it justice !

  8. I guess it’s good news for those who have access to digital television… but what about those of us who don’t? We live only 45 mins from Adelaide, yet have no digitial tv coverage at all – and will not have any until at least the end of 2013! We love watching tennis, but this means that we will now not be able to watch. Very, very disappointing.

  9. I am confused. I love Wimbledon, whoever shows it! I dont have digital tv, Is it on regular Ch 7? Hey I am a pensioner therefore I cant lay claim to a brain Also dont have a set top box, guess I better contact Julia for a $350 one.

  10. Wimbledon to be shown live on 7Two starting 21 June at 10.30pm (AEST). Great news and why can’t Seven do the same for the Australian open?

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