Airdate: Between the Lines

Nine's new sports game show hosted by Eddie McGuire kicks off next week.

Nine’s new sports game show hosted by Eddie McGuire kicks off next week.

Between the Lines is a panel show with team captains and McGuire hosting.

It will premiere at 8:30pm Thursday May 12th before the Footy Show.

Mick Molloy is one of the captains of the teams.

A revolution has come to Thursday nights; join Eddie McGuire and his panel to discuss all things sporting in a humorous way.

McGuire has previously said of the Southern Star show, “One of the things I’ve noticed about sport is it dominates so many lives but we’re forgetting these days the funny stories and the fun of sport.

“These days everyone wants to chase Ricky Nixon and Brendan Fevola around or the Rugby League boys whenever there’s a muck up. You can address that but get people who will give it a bit of light and shade rather than beating the stories to death.”

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  1. you bunch of naysayers! Not one of you has seen it and yet you are anticipating a disaster. Why do you think its ok to take to the internet with your tongue lashings about people? how would some of you like being spoken about the way you have lashed out at Eddie McGuire? Why don’t you do something constructive with your time between now and the air date, like meditate, as opposed to putting your bad energy out there, watch the bloody show and Then critique it! Grow up people and start being nicer human beings. And if you do have a serious gripe with the show, vent it directly to the people that run channel nine! wishing this to be a complete success. god knows we need a good laugh!

  2. Nine’s sport related shows have a solid record so there’s no reason this won’t work too. If they can pick up their footy show audience, especially seeing they are airing it right before the Footy Show at 8:30pm, I think it will do well.

  3. I’m from Victoria and support the team that Eddie is president of and I still think it will suck. I suppose we will have to see who the teams are to see if there is representation of League or Union but I doubt it.

  4. This will flop badly fail and only appeal to Bogans.I wouldn’t be surprised if the ABC,SBS and whatever 7 or 10 show every Thursday at 8:30pm offerings gain many new fans as a result

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