Axed: Suspect Behavior. Renewed: CSI: NY

CBS has renewed CSI: New York but axed Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

CBS has renewed CSI: New York but axed Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (that’s their spelling!).

The Criminal Minds spin-off, which featured Forest Whitaker, is being cancelled after a short midseason run. It is due to air on Seven this year.

Whilst Suspect Behavior has disappointed, CSI: NY sells well internationally. However there is some speculation about whether the latter won a full-season of 22 episodes.

This week CBS also dumped The Defenders, $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love.

The network will announce its fall schedule on Wednesday in New York.

Source: Deadline

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  1. @ Craig. Not sure where you’re pulling your figures – TGW does regularly win its timeslot in total viewers but it does horrid business in the demos (it was CBS’s 2nd worst non-Friday performer in the demos only behind The Defenders). It does garner critical acclaim and awards though which counts for something.

    @ den. Most usually reliable US insiders are saying there is nothing to worry about, but you’ll know for certain tomorrow as that is when CBS is presenting their fall schedule. I’m sure David will have a post about its fate up by late afternoon.

  2. **Spoiler88
    Brad, JJ has been confirmed in US media as returning as a permanent full time character in Season 7. Prentice is going to depend on whether the actress’s new pilot gets picked up or not.

  3. @den – TGW is a certain to be renewed, it tops the ratings and does great business in the demographics.

    Still p*ssed Mad Love didn’t make the cut, it was a nice show and now after 13 eps its left with a cliffhanger.

  4. Good. Suspect Behaviour offered nothing different to Criminal Minds, was a pointless spin off. And i couldn’t help being distracted by Forest Whitaker’s eye. Annoys me to think that Criminal Minds got rid of 2 main cast members, so they can pay for Suspect Behaviour cast. That’s my theory anyway.

    And Seven, this is perhaps why you should have fast tracked the series to play after Criminal Minds.

  5. Since I first saw it I thought ‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’ was a bad name for a show. May be part of the reason it wasn’t successful. You would think Forest Whitaker would be a big TV drawcard.

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