Gone: Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice

Nine has pulled its BBC documentary Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice just two days before it was set to air.

The two-part “spycam” doco, which follows from previous docos with up close and personal footage of wild animals, was set to screen at 7:30pm Wednesday June 1 & 8.

Now it will air new episodes of The Big Bang Theory at 7:30pm and Mike and Molly. They are followed by RPA and Big.

Hopefully when it eventually airs it will still have narration from David Tennant, even with his Scottish accent…


  1. I have been hanging to watch the polar bears. I cannot believe channel nine pulled the pin in favour of mindless American comedy drivel with canned laughter. I would not care what the other channels were showing – I would have watched the polar bears. So, when are nine going the show the two episodes?

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