Gone: Top Gear, Mike & Molly. Returning: CSI: NY. Update: CSI: Miami

A few changes next week for Nine viewers….

Firstly, if you want to catch Madagascar again it will replay at 3pm Sunday arvo in Sydney and Brisbane and 4pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Mike and Molly is out of 8pm Monday, replaced by a Big Bang Theory repeat.

Weight loss series Big will replay at 10:30pm Monday May 9th in place of a CSI: Miami repeat (no change to 9:30pm episode).

Finally Top Gear is out of Tuesday nights, replaced with new CSI: New York at 9:30pm Tuesday May 10th in all cities except Melbourne, where Underbelly plays.


  1. come on ch 9 dont take off the good shows bring back Mike and Molly everyone needs some comedy instead of cooking lessons so people eat too much then the diet exercise programs so you can get it off in time for the next cooking shows please bring back Mike and molly ♥

  2. I am so devisated that mike and molly has been taken off who there had that bright idea????
    it was a great show and i made sure that i watched every episode, do your self a favour from my message and from what i am reading here all the others put mike and molly back on or people will be watching another station!

  3. Where is Top Gear??? I loved watching Richard Hammond. It was so refreshing to have something other than crime shows on free to air! Thanks for informing us chanel 9. You are a broadcasting company you could have had a voice over why you were not viewing what was scheduled to view and for how long. We are still in the dark??

  4. Mike & Molly is the only show I make sure I don’t miss each week. I can’t believe it’s not on. Totally ticked off. If it’s not on next week I’m watching the rest of the series online. You were onto a winner there, channel 9. Don’t stuff it up.

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