John Wood joins Neighbours

Gold Logie winner John Wood will join Neighbours for a six month stint at Erinsborough Hospital.

Gold Logie winner John Wood will join Neighbours for a six month stint.

The former Blue Heelers star will play strict medical man Martin Chambers, who has a reputation for taking his work very seriously. As new doctor Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber) starts to get settled in at the Erinsborough Hospital, he soon learns that Martin doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Executive producer Susan Bower said: “We’re all thrilled to welcome John to Ramsay Street for what is going to be a great story.”

Wood begins filming this week and hits screens in September.

British pop singer and Ramsay Street fan Adele has also been given an open invitation to make a guest appearance on the soap.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. such a talented actor like John is very wasted on neighbours we need shows like the ones in the 70s and 80s etc the sullivans prisoner a country practice carsons law etc which the cats is manily older actors

  2. @Nick – watch Neighbours when John Wood joins or just before he joins, if you can’t watch now.

    Many ways you can watch it, if it can’t be when it airs then using the catch-up services at Neighbours.com can or even the 11 iphone/ipod/ipad app.

  3. @ tim I hate it too, nothing worse than typecast actors. The best shows are those which have total unknowns, that way it’s much more realistic instead of constantly thinking ‘isn’t he that cop from Blue Heelers’.

  4. I never really liked this guy as an actor. All of his roles from Rafferty’s Rules to Blue Heelers were boring and lacklustre and the same goes for his writing ability with the few episodes he wrote of Prisoner the same. Ian Smith in contrast is a genius, his Prisoner written episodes are supurb and he has played one of the most legendary characters on Australian television.

    Much like Georgie Parker who is now on Home and Away and usually not a soap actor I’m surprised John Wood will be in Neighbours. Must be a sign of the times.

  5. Good to see some big name actors joining the cast. Along with John Wood and Paula Duncan, HaiHa Le from Bed of Roses, Kick & City Homicide is also joining the cast soon.

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