Wimbledon reminder

Free to Air coverage of Wimbledon begins on 7TWO from Monday night around the country simultaneously, then switches to Seven.

Wimbledon 2011 kicks off tomorrow night, broadcast for the first time on 7TWO and Channel 7.

Seven’s coverage will be hosted by Todd Woodbridge with special comments from a team including John Newcombe on the 40th anniversary of his back-to-back Wimbledon singles victories.

Coverage will begin on 7TWO and switch to Seven.

9pm – 11pm in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne
8.30pm – 11pm in Adelaide
7pm – 11pm in Perth

11pm – 4am  in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
11pm – 3.30am in Adelaide
11pm – 2am in Perth

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  1. Thanks Vinny. My mistake … I could have sworn these things were on in the mornings with the time zones. That’ll teach me not to pay attention to the am and pm. Happy to see it’s not going to cut into the regular programming :-).

  2. @ Lauren – I was thinking the same thing a while back. Coronation Street and Shortland Street will still be on at 9am weekdays because the tennis will be on at night.

    Coronation Street though, the repeat of the repeat which I think airs in the early early morning may not be on. Shortland Street won’t be affected at all.

  3. @Joel – it’s live and Adelaide is 30 mins (and 5 years!) behind Sydney. You’ll notice that the coverage finishes at 3:30am, 30 mins earlier than Sydney, so it’s the same length for everybody.

    You’re prob confused because you’re not used to seeing a major sporting event at the same time as viewers on the east coast (and getting all of it).

  4. Good news for Wimbledon fans altho’ HD on 73 would’ve been even better. I wonder why Seven chose to put it in on 72 instead? At a guess I’d say that the tennis is a better fit with 72’s usual demo, therefore giving them better ratings across the two channels.

  5. So I suppose that means that the Shortland Street and Coronation Street fans just miss out on the regular 7Two programming then? It’s going to be a very long couple of weeks!

  6. Is this called/hosted from there or is it production here in oz with a live feed? You would think the economics of this would be hard to justify alot of costs, mainly due to the time of live action (late night??)

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