Axed: Rescue Special Ops won’t be renewed

The Nine Network has confirmed it will not be renewing Rescue Special Ops for a fourth season.

A Nine spokesperson told the Sunday Telegraph, “Rescue has been a much loved drama and Nine has decided this will be its final season.

“It ends while¬† it’s still going strong.”

This year saw the third season boosted from 13 episodes to an impressive 22 eps. with episode 16 set to air tomorrow night.

Produced by Southern Star, its producers Julie McGauran and Sarah Smith are also producing Wild Boys for Seven -one of its first non in-house productions in a long time- plus a telemovie Dripping with Chocolate for BBC Worldwide.

The exit of Rescue follows that of Sea Patrol after 5 seasons but Nine’s drama slate is still quite buoyant with Underbelly: Razor, Beaconsfield, Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket all yet to air, and a rumoured new drama from Screentime tipped¬†to be announced.

New telemovie Sundowner will also be produced by Cordell Jigsaw.


  1. This is really disappointing news. I’m a viewer in the US and loved this show. As did all the people I got watching this show. I’ve only just discovered Australian TV and already two shows cancelled. This and Sea Patrol were my favorites. Boo!!

  2. you cant ax rso i loved it and you are dumb axing rescue shame on you channal 9 you get in to a show like rescue and there you go axing it. please another channal take on this great show we will all hope and pray that it comes back

  3. Not a happy bunny that you have decided to axe Rescue Special Ops as a uk viewer i enjoy watching it and now you’ve left me wandering what is going to happen to them all ?Come on give it another go and if you decide that it’s not working then end it properly and not leave us hanging

  4. I really enjoyed watching RSO and was looking forward to season 4 shame it has to go. There are so many programmes that are much worse than this. We need to know what happens to them all!!!

  5. Its a real shame that they have decided to not produce any more rescue special ops as I realy enjoyed watching it was also looking at getting the dvd

  6. Christine (Cardiff, Wales)

    I cannot believe that Rescue Special Ops has been cancelled and a 4th Series will not be aired. We love this program and had really got into it.

    TV executtives don’t seem to realise when they are onto a good thing. It a shame you cannot leave a series hanging. Myslef and my husband are gutted.
    6pm will never be the same. It was refeshing to wathc a good drama than the news.

  7. why why why do tv execs decide whats had a shelf life and whats not in their opinion. rescue was 1 of the best programmes on tv. with all these channels doing repeats it was great to get a really entertaining programme to watch for a change. Please please change your minds and bring it back if only to tie up the loose ends. Surely your viewers deserve that at least.

  8. Again a u.k viewer for one of the rare occasions that me and my husband watch something together and what happens it gets axed. Why i can think of a load more programs that need to be axed but RSO is not one of them please reconsider channel 9 this is a show worth keeping and to agree with some other people who have commented at least tell us if dean and lara get together in the end ……………………

  9. i’m gutted, i’m a uk viewer and i’ve watched special ops on the universal channel from the start, i also watched sea patrol! i cant believe the idiots thats make these series have axed them! you have so many good actors over in oz, its no wonder after getting this kind of treatment they all end up apearing in crap usa tv or bit parts in films!!!! sort it out channel nine

  10. Please please please reconsider and make at least 1 more series of this Fab programme or at least a Christmas special to clear up loose ends…will Dean and Lara finally get together, can Chase finally find a girlfriend,will Lachie go back in the SAS, Michelle finally gives into Vince’s charms or Vince and Heidi Ho get together after finding Michelle and Jordan in a compromising position??

  11. Majorly gutted, just watched the finale of season 3 and what do i find out??? that its been axed!!! no more special ops, cant believe it, its one of the best programmes on tv. Please please please make more.

  12. Another Australian series given the axe! What’s wrong with you guys cutting series off at the knees when you get followings in other countries… please someone else take this series on!

  13. Axing Rescue Special Ops is a huge mistake. It makes me so angry that nothing has a conclusion. I loved this show in the UK . Why make such bad choices

  14. i think that the tv people are making a Huge mistake by axeing Rescue Special Ops. i like it, all of the other people love it,
    the tv people should take a Tally and then axe the lowest tv rating
    how can these people earn big bucks and know so LIittle
    i would be ashaamed if i were them

  15. I am based in the UK and love the Aussie dramas RSO and sea Patrol… dissapointed that no more are to be made….Come on Channel 9 ..listen to the viewers and make some more

  16. I watch this in the uk it’s the best thing on tv why cut it short?? I have seen the final episode and nothing comes to a conclusion and there’s a whole load of new stories that could come out of it. I also heard it’s ratings in Australia had dramatically improved onseries three. Come on give us just one more series!! Pleeeeease.

  17. Wow I’m really surprised about this, why would you end a program that is so good? I watch from England and I totally love it, can’t they just move it to a different channel or something? Same as sea patrol another program that I like.

    Ugh everything I start watching something it ends.

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