Dallas: The New Generation: promo

Southfork, JR, Bobby Ewing, Sue-Ellen, the music and the next generation….

Here’s the promo for TNT’s sequel to Dallas, due in the US next year.

The cast includes two Desperate Housewives faces, Jesse Metcalfe and Brenda Strong as well as the return of Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.


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  1. really looking forward to this…i think this will be a hit as long as the icons are in all episodes..something for the fans and something for the new generation of fans

  2. Haha can anyone remember them blowing up the house when it was all done. Old JR was saying at the time it was fun but he will never be back…

  3. Looking forward to this one as well. Just a shame that in Australia we’ll have to wait at least a year. Linda Gray is 70 now and looks terrific.

  4. daveinprogress

    That theme is one of the all time best tv tunes, in my opinion. I too was a Dallas devotee in the 80’s, and still think it a landmark drama series. Larry Hagman was Dallas, and although Linda Gray and Ken Kercheval were integral to the twists and turns, ironically Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal for whom the show was initially centred aroud, were not the drawcards for its long run. Legends like George Kennedy, Barbara Bel Geddes, Howard Keel and Priscilla Presley gave it that extra something. J.R Rules! Hagman was so lucky to have 2 iconic roles to hang his stesun on. Bring it on!

  5. Oh my god!!! I am so excited …..

    Dallas is my all time favourite tv show (though Prisoner comes close), and this looks so freakin’ awesome.

    The casting of Jesse Metcalfe is a little dubious cause he still looks like a teenage frat boy, but hopfully it will be awesome.

    And how hot does Linda Gray still look. That woman is timeless. If she has had any plastic surgery it has been very well done.

    I agree, I hope Sue Ellen hits the bottle again. She was always such a hoot when she was drinking and spewing out hilarious venemous lines at JR.

    I only hope this version lasts for 14 seasons as well, though I am sad to hear that TNT will only order 10 episodes. In it’s heyday, Dallas used to produce up to 30 or so episodes a season. Hopefully it will be a huge hit and TNT will increase the episode order for season 2.

    Bring it on ……

  6. Will not miss this if it airs here… it was a terrific weekly soap
    Dallas written in the context of todays economy and climate science would deliver a strong storyline… then again, America would probably leave the climate politiks right out of it 😀

  7. Wish we had shows like Dallas around now. The closest thing would be Desperate Housewives.

    Crime procedurals have hopefully run their course soon.

  8. I think this one will find success in the US, but even before that happens, a channel here will have picked it up already, and I would be surprised if success wasn’t found here with it as well.

  9. bettestreep2008

    I honestly cannot see this being successful.

    Given the world economy is in a toilet right now – would anyone want to watch a group of greedy rich Texans ?

    And what are the odds that former PResident and Texan Governor George W Bush makes a cameo?

  10. LOL!!! Dear oh Dear!!! JR looks likes he’s about to fall off the perch!! lol!!! He is so old that he couldn’t possibly pass off as a bad guy!!!! Perhaps they should have JR riding around in one of those electric wheel chairs running over all the good guys!! lol!!! I don’t see it lasting……

  11. I can’t wait. This has potential and if it’s half as good as the original it’ll be great. I just hope Sue-Ellen starts drinking again. The show was a hoot.

  12. Oooh I was a Dallas tragic back in the day so I will definitely be watching this one. I just hope they do a good job. JR is still the best baddie.

  13. So we’ll see it in 2013 unless Fox8 or someone gets the rights?

    There are so many show I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for this one, I don’t remember much of the original.

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