Gone: The Defenders

TEN has pulled US series The Defenders as of next week.

August 17
8:30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
9:30pm NCIS rpt

UPDATE: Defenders now airs 9:30pm Thursdays on ONE in place of Breakout Kings.


  1. I just loved The Defenders! The best legal show I’ve watched since starting law school. What do I do now, watch Crownies? Might as well stick a fork in my eye!

  2. Why axe it? Why not just replace it a 5pm on the air-date? [/sarcasm]

    With three or more channels to play with these days, you do have to wonder how stations can’t manage to air new programs in their entirety. At least let a series run to its conclusion. Hint: Replacing first-run programs with reruns isn’t going to win new loyal viewers. (in case anyone actually thought channel 9 was doing well with high rotation Big Bang/2.5 Men)

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