John Wood on Neighbours

John Wood makes his debut on Neighbours next week.

The Gold Logie winner plays Dr Martin Chambers, who is a golfing buddy of Karl Kennedy and also the head of the surgical program which our newbie doctor, Rhys Lawson (played by Ben Barber) is desperately trying to get in to.

According to ELEVEN’s info, Chambers takes his role very seriously and doesn’t suffer fools which Dr Lawson finds out pretty quickly.

You can catch it 6:30pm Thursday September 1st.


  1. This show is doing great business on Channel 11,very good to see.I’m not a Collingwood supporter but they do have 3 players appearing next week on the show as well

  2. There’s something a bit sad about this. Surely he’d work pn Crownies as a judge or something? It’s about choices – and I don’t think John Wood has made a good one here. He shoud get his agent to ring a few high profile producers. That said, he was miscast in Offspring as well.

  3. Australian actors require work and I really dont care what anyone says about Neighbours I enjoy the show but I dont bag anyone out for liking other shows, To each his own I say.

    If you dont like it dont watch it, if you think that people that watch are stupid well, as i say if you have not watched for at least 6 months you have no right to criticise it and any people that watch the show.

    It gives work to camerapeople, actors technicians, as having been involved in the tV game it is hard sometimes to find work

  4. @Rubar: Actors still have bills to pay just like the rest of us, and work opportunities are not easy to come by. Sometimes they just have to take whatever work they can get.

  5. Didn’t think John Wood would stoop this low, a veteran actor of his calibre going onto Neighbours, are they serious? Next we’ll be hearing Lisa McCune is taking up a role on Neighbours after her new show gets axed given Ten’s appalling track record with Australian dramas.

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