Sports Tonight to end in October?

What’s the future for Sports Tonight?

Since network cuts by Lachlan Murdoch there has been much speculation, not helped by the network’s moves away from sport on ONE and a decision to exit AFL after this season.

Many observers expect the programme to end once the AFL season is over.

Officially, the network hasn’t made any statement about Sports Tonight.

Yesterday a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We’ll have more to say about shows over the next few weeks.”

But on the weekend Sports Tonight senior reporter Paul Cochrane appeared to have already tweeted the outcome:

#videohits is ending with Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” What should we use 2 sign off @sportstonight1 in October?

For the record, Video Hits was a show TEN denied had been axed on July 4th, but was confirmed as axed on July 5th.

TEN’s 2012 Programming Launch is being held next week.


  1. I hope it’s not true – but then again, I haven’t watched many ST-branded shows since Saturday and Sunday evening editions got boned. Pity – they were great.

  2. Lachlan Murdoch, you are 10 times worse than Bob Shanks when he tried to make ’10 TV Australia’ more ‘American’ with prime time game shows. As far as I am concered, you have killed the TEN Network!! No wonder why Seven is still winning, even with Masterchef on.

    Are we just gonna stand there and let that f***er kill Sports Tonight and 6:30 with George Negus? F*** no! There is still time to save those shows. Ten viewers and sponsors, say no to Lachlan Murdoch and needle Ten hard to save those shows now!!! Write to the Ten website, do whatever it takes to make sure 6:30 and Sports Tonight stays on air, we need to avenge the death of Video Hits now!!!

  3. I dont see why they would axe sports tonight considering they have a major sponser! What other news segment has a major sponser that has surported it for yrs? So kinda weird if they axe it, maybe they will if toyota doesnt renew their contract??

  4. The cost cutting of Ten’s Australian programming by Murdoch is an absolute disgrace and if I were the federal government I would demand that the license fee be paid with no concessions. After all, weren’t the concessions made partially to allow more Australian content to be made?

    Yet what are we left with? The cancellation of many long running programmes and replaced with cheap US reality crap, not to mention digital channels where you are lucky to hear or see an Australian outside of dubbed foreign commercials.

  5. Have to agree with you there Goonies, the trouble is we already are paying for it as viewers because a) it means more money & time gets pumped into FTA footy, diverting it away from other types of shows that money could be spent on & b) since the networks started paying much larger broadcast rights fees about 5 yrs ago the amount of advertising also shot up dramatically, pretty much linked i would say to them having to raise more revenue to pay for the rights, trying to watch anything in the 7.30 time slot now without constant interruptions is impossible So even if it does all move to Foxtel now maybe its too late & this is the way tv will be forever.

  6. It’s a shame ST is ending. It’s probably the only FTA show that acknowledges union, watch any news program (other than sbs and abc) and you’re lucky to get 15 seconds of union a month. ST is the only program that shows the Rebel results weekly when they play. At least it’s winding up after the world cup. I guess I’m going to have to rely on cable 100% now to hear sports results other than AFL and NRL. Going go miss the ST hosts, they always give me a chuckle.

  7. Lachlan Murdoch should be axed ASAP he has turned a good network into rubbish. I am sick to death of Renovators promo’s every ad break & during other shows. The AFL exit will cost TEN many sponsorships.

  8. If the aim of all this is to force people to Foxtel to watch their sport then I am all for it. I don’t think it should be a given that any and all sport gets a prime time slot on commercial tv just because the country is perceived as being sport loving.

    You want to watch hours and hours and hours of sport then you can pay for it.

    My main concern with all this is what Sandra and Brad will do if they are separated from each other? Will they cope?

    Re Video Hits, have you heard of a show called Rage? It is far superior and you actually get to see the whole clip.

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